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HUIDA TECH’s HD540Pro Agricultural Drone Improves Spraying Efficiency by 60 percent for Mexican Fruit Growers

MEXICALI, Mexico, Oct. 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Heilongjiang Huida Technology Co., Ltd. (“Huida Tech”), a leading Chinese manufacturer of agricultural drones, tractor guidance systems, and autopilot systems, has partnered with Mexican dealer ORBITECH to deploy the HD540Pro agricultural drone in the Ensanada region of Mexicali, Mexico to spray nutrients and pesticides in local orchards, supporting the development of intelligent agriculture in Mexico and improving planting efficiency.

HUIDA TECH's HD540Pro Agricultural Drone and the Staff of Mexican Dealer ORBITECH
HUIDA TECH’s HD540Pro Agricultural Drone and the Staff of Mexican Dealer ORBITECH

The fruit tree mode of the drone has improved its working efficiency by up to 60 percent, while also better controlling the number of pesticides used, reducing material waste, and cutting down environmental pollution.

“The region’s mountainous terrain posed difficulties for fruit growers in manually spraying nutrients and pesticides on blue gum trees. However, HUIDA TECH’s HD540Pro drone provided a solution. With its 360-degree rotating radar, the drone autonomously avoided obstacles, making the operation safer and more efficient. In just four hours, a team of three completed spraying over 40 hectares. The drone’s ability to track changes in terrain while spraying makes it ideal for mountainous areas. Local farmers and orchard owners are thrilled with the results and look forward to more future cooperation with HUIDA TECH,” said Josue Isai Valdez Reyes from ORBITECH.

HUIDA TECH prioritizes customer success by offering technical support and on-site coordination. Flight prevention teams provide tailored services, and the flexible business model creates opportunities for customers and partners. Seamless warehousing and logistics coordination shorten delivery cycles, improving operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

“Smart farming aims to improve the whole agricultural cycle with advanced technologies, HUIDA TECH will continue to innovate and accelerate the modernization of agriculture to drive the development of intelligent agriculture with practical and powerful products and solutions, and to help our customers and partners achieve solid results as well as breakthroughs,” said Samantha He, head of HUIDA TECH Americas.

The Head of HUIDA TECH Americas and the Staff of Mexican Dealer ORBITECH
The Head of HUIDA TECH Americas and the Staff of Mexican Dealer ORBITECH

With extensive experience in the agriculture industry and continuous innovation of technology and application scenarios, HUIDA TECH has built a strong product and solution portfolio including IoT terminal monitoring systems, automatic driving systems, and intelligent cabins for agricultural machinery, planting protection drones, and intelligent irrigation.

In the past three years, HUIDA TECH has invested a total of 160 million yuan (US$ 21.92 million) into R&D, which accounted for 28.54 percent of total revenue. It has also established a comprehensive sales and service network to provide premium technical and service support and safeguard smart farming. With advantages in technology R&D, operation scale, product iteration speed, and supply chain quality, HUIDA TECH is spearheading the intelligent development of the global agriculture industry.

For more information, please visit https://www.huidaagtech.com/