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Laser is Finally Easy: Introducing WeCreat Vision — The World’s 1st Auto-Lifting Laser Engraver Cutter

SEATTLE, Oct. 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — WeCreat, the latest newcomer in the laser engraving industry, is proud to unveil one of the most innovative laser engraver and cutter ever — WeCreat Vision. With all-in-one features and an emphasis on ease-of-use, WeCreat Vision’s goal is to revolutionize the laser cutting and engraving industry, making it more accessible for everyone from first-timers to professionals.

WeCreat Vision is a unique product that is setting new standards in the laser engraving industry. It boasts various features that set it apart from the competition: Auto-lifting full metal enclosure, laser radar auto-focus, high precision (~1mm) camera, 20W high-power laser, over 400 types of materials to create, and so on. These features, combined with its versatility and safety features, make WeCreat Vision the ultimate tool for small businesses, DIY enthusiasts, hobbyists and educators.

Wecreat Vision Laser Engraver
Wecreat Vision Laser Engraver

Key features of WeCreat Vision include:

As Powerful as It’s Easy to Use

There’s a reason behind every innovation. Thinking outside the box, WeCreat Vision is housed in a world-first auto-lifting enclosure. It’s the ideal solution to work with a wider range of materials from thick to thin, to offer speedy auto-focus on materials from 0mm (0.00″) to 100mm (3.93″ with laser bed) or 140mm (5.51″, without laser bed).

The all-in-one design encompasses 5 built-in accessories, including air assist, rotary engraving set, smart camera, laser bed, and its auto-lifting enclosure. It only takes 5 minutes to set up, compared to the industry norm, which averages more than an hour. The rotary set takes one minute to install and allows for full-circular engraving. Just one click is all it takes to adjust to the highest point for precision engraving.

With the built-in ultra-precise ~1mm HD Camera, Vision lets you view the material in real-time to position your designs precisely and painlessly for a true “What You See Is What You Get” experience.

One of the most user-friendly features for WeCreat is its unique, world’s firstQuickView Matrix“, which demonstrates the effect you’ll get while engraving with various speed and power settings on various materials. It’s built into the WeCreat MakeIt! Software to achieve professional-grade deep engraving effects with just a click of the button. It’s designed to save you time and materials and is especially useful in Wood / Metal / Leather / Stone / Paper /Fabric/ Acrylic/ Ceramic materials.

Exceptional Engraving and Cutting Performance

The WeCreat Vision leads the pack with 600mm/s maximum engraving speed, while the next fastest full-enclosure diode laser on the market claims a max speed of 160mm/s. With an industry-leading 0.01mm movement accuracy, Vision offers class-leading performance in both speed and precision.

With its innovative laser technology and 20W high-power laser beam, Vision boasts high cutting efficiency, ensuring precision, speed, and versatility for all kinds of designs, with over 400 materials for you to engrave and cut.

The working area of 297*420*140mm (11.7″ x 16.5″ x 5.51″), or simply, A3 x 140mm, allows you to implement large-scale design projects or to engrave multiple smaller patterns at a time which can be extremely helpful for small businesses. Meanwhile, Vision is built to last with a lifespan of up to 10,000 hours.

Unleash Your Creativity with Vibrant Colors

WeCreat MakeIt! Is the app that is available across various platforms, including Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. To get the best experience when operating Vision, they recommend using their app as it supports What You See Is What You Get operations. It incorporates various functions including an easy-to-use design software, multiple canvas, laser machine controller, and access to its ever-expanding design library with thousands of Images, 1,000 Ready-to-make Editable Projects, and 500+ Fonts from the start. For those who are used to working with Lightburn, Vision supports Gcode files, and full version Lightburn support is expected to launch in November.

WeCreat Vision is optimized for color materials engraving and cutting with the multi-canvas mode. Customers can download color projects from the design library, and the various color pieces will be intelligently auto-distributed into multiple canvas, to save you the effort of sorting into different color wood panels.

WeCreat is also offering a range of colorful wooden panels that are UV Inkjet painted to achieve a smooth and fine texture. They are certified safe, with FSC, RoHS certification, and California Proposition 65-compliant, while the UV Ink is SGS-approved.

Safety is the Top Priority

Vision was designed with safety in mind. Starting with its full enclosure design with Class 1 FDA classification, which is helpful in containing smoke and fumes. WeCreat Vision boasts a range of features to ensure the health and safety of your home and your family. The full metal enclosure is fire-retardant, the top lid features a blue light filter, and auto-stop function is designed to protect you during operation. WeCreat also recommends purchasing the WeCreat Fume Extractor to filter out harmful fumes from cutting and engraving.

Price and availabilty

All the bundles are available for purchase on Official Website:

Oct 12 – Oct 31,For Early Bird 300 Off

  • WeCreat Vision 20W Base Pack $1199.99
  • WeCreat Vision 20W Rotary Pack $1399.99
  • WeCreat Vision 20W Color Pack $1399.99
  • WeCreat Vision 20W Premium Pack $1599.99

About WeCreat

WeCreat is a team of like-minded people set out to simplify the complexity of creation. They believe that creativity is the fuel that drives progress. Every discovery, every invention in human history began with a spark of creativity. And if we could realize our creative ideas through a simpler, easier process, the world would be blessed with even more ingenious inventions, brilliant art pieces, and in general, just more fun and interesting. At WeCreat, the passion is to make creation easier than ever, through innovative technology and a delightful user experience.

WeCreat was founded by William Tang and Bill Sun.

William is a true engineer with over 20 years of experience in the IoT and home electronics industry, previously working at Philips and Schneider Electronics. He then joined Anker as head of R&D and Quality, and became Anker’s first VP. William was tasked with establishing the smart home appliance division from scratch, eventually reaching over USD 250Million in revenue.

Bill is an e-Commerce veteran with over 10 years of experience in the toys & gifts industry and is an expert in 3D wooden puzzles. He had previously founded an e-Commerce business which reached sales of USD 7Million and was ranked category top 3 on

Address: 113 Cherry Street, Seattle, Washington 98104, United States
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