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LIGHTSPEED STUDIOS Announced the Inaugural Participation of LIGHTSPEED Singapore in Gamescom Asia 2023

LIGHTSPEED Singapore Unveiled Its Latest AIGC Solutions and the Partnership with Singapore University of Technology and Design on ML-based technologies   

SINGAPORE, Oct. 23, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — LIGHTSPEED STUDIOS, a leading global game developer, unveiled the inaugural participation of LIGHTSPEED Singapore in Gamescom Asia 2023, which was hosted from October 19th to 22nd, introducing its latest innovative solutions in Artificial Intelligence Generated Content (AIGC) and announcing its partnership with Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) on developing technologies powered by Machine Learning (ML). Additionally, LIGHTSPEED STUDIOS served as the sponsor of the Gamescom Asia Pitch Competition, providing an excellent platform for game developers to present their work to potential publishers and investors.

During the event, LIGHTSPEED Singapore presented its latest innovative solutions via a dedicated speech session by its AI expert, introducing its first in-house developed generative AI technology dedicated for game development. The presentation highlighted breakthroughs of generative AI in data interpretation and content creation, along with case studies demonstrating its application in game development and gameplay. This showcased the value of the AI technology ecosystem achieved through systematic generative AI solutions, underpinned by the Large Language Model (LLM), innovative audio generation, and groundbreaking computer vision and graphics advancements in generative AI, bringing AI-driven game development and gameplay within reach.

Xin Wang, Principal AI Researcher at LIGHTSPEED STUDIOS
Xin Wang, Principal AI Researcher at LIGHTSPEED STUDIOS

Besides in-house R&D initiatives, LIGHTSPEED Singapore is also striving to bridge the gap between academia and industry. LIGHTSPEED Singapore is honored to announce that through AI Singapore’s 100 Experiments Programme, in partnership with the SUTD, it will be developing ML-based technologies, featuring a project dedicated to building Text-to-Motion Machine Learning Model. Moving forward, LIGHTSPEED Singapore will extend such efforts to more universities within the region, aiming to enhance industry-focused education and research capabilities.

LIGHTSPEED Singapore’s efforts in developing AIGC solutions and building collaborative force for evolving in-game AI-based technology are just parts of its strategic investment in cutting-edge technologies that poised to advance the gaming landscape. To achieve the mission, LIGHTSPEED Singapore has adopted a localized collaborative model that harnesses the synergy of industry, academia, and gaming communities, connecting stakeholders and partners ranging from local governments, universities, research institutions as well as industry associations.

Besides the announcement above, during the Gamescom Asia 2023, the Southeast Asia Publishing & Esports team of PUBG MOBILE (co-developed by LIGHTSPEED STUDIOS and KRAFTON, Inc.) shared insights on building a sustainable esports ecosystem for Southeast Asia via another speech session.


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