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LovelyWholesale has experienced explosive growth of its Temu, TikTok, and Shein store

SHANGHAI, Oct. 30, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Over the past six months, LovelyWholesale Temu store, TikTok Shop store, and Shein Marketplace store have experienced explosive growth. In the TikTok Shop Clothing category best-selling list, one of LovelyWholesale’s matching sets is the number one item sold; in Temu’s ranking of fashion stores, LovelyWholesale ranks third with more than 47k shop reviews rated 5 stars; and LovelyWholesale’s matching outfits continue to appear on the Shein marketplace’s home page. (Data acquisition time is October 20, 2023)

As a leading of fashion forward trends, LovelyWholesale is committed to providing its customers with super affordable price. The company has maintained a long-term focus on clothing design and supply chain management. With years of experience accumulating, LovelyWholesale team has built sensitive consumer market prediction capabilities as well as excellent fabric development capabilities. For instance, LovelyWholesale’s most popular item “Kangaroo Pocket Drawstring Hoodie and Sweatpants” on its TikTok store and Temu store has sold nearly half a million pieces and received five stars rating from 98.8% of customers. (Data acquisition time is October 20, 2023)

LovelyWholesale can achieve this result rapidly because it has accumulated strong brand power over the past 12 years. As well, in the past six months, the company continues to improve its capabilities for operating multi-platform stores. “More and more customers are leaving us messages under our social media posts, saying that they bought LovelyWholesale outfits from Temu, Tiktok, and Shein, which they think is incredible. We explained to customers that LovelyWholesale has opened multi-platform stores. We welcome customers to purchase our outfits on any platform, as well as LovelyWholesale’s own website and App.” said Jovan, the CMO of LW. “In a press release published in March of this year, we stated that we hoped to make LovelyWholesale’s products available to more customers worldwide through the platform’s huge traffic. Now customers can find LovelyWholesale’s stores on other shopping platforms. It is a win-win situation for both our customers and us.”

In the future, LovelyWholesale will remain focused on products and fabrics, and ensure that it can be found by consumers on a variety of shopping platforms, allowing more fashionista to enjoy trendy clothing at an affordable price.

About LovelyWholesale:

Founded in 2010, LovelyWholesale supplies more than 10 thousand types of women’s and men’s clothing, shoes, and fashion accessories. The company focuses on providing higher-quality products at super affordable prices to customers all over the world. LovelyWholesale has factories and warehouses all around the world. With the great advantage of fabric resources and hundreds of fashion buyers, LovelyWholesale has provided services to more than six million fashionistas. Over the past 12 years of operation, LovelyWholesale has become one of the most popular online fashion stores in North America and South Africa.

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