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Malaysian cyber security graduates celebrated at ceremony in Kuala Lumpur

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, Oct. 12, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Executives from BAE Systems Bofors were on hand at a ceremony in Kuala Lumpur in September to present diplomas and recognise newly graduated students in the Master of Science programme where the company is a co-funder.

Malaysian cyber security graduates celebrated at ceremony in Kuala Lumpur
Malaysian cyber security graduates celebrated at ceremony in Kuala Lumpur

BAE Systems Bofors in collaboration with Warwick University and The National Defense University in Malaysia sponsored a Master of Science degree in Cyber Security in Kuala Lumpur.

‘This collaboration forms part of BAE Systems strong tradition of supporting education initiatives in Malaysia, including scholarship and school outreach’, said the BAE Systems Bofors CEO Lena Gillström when the agreement was signed in 2015.

Attending the ceremony, Nils-Ove Gustafsson, Sales Manager BAE Systems Bofors commented on how the collaboration has progressed:

‘The programme is taught at the National Defense University in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The University is the first of its kind to focus specifically on meeting the needs of the Malaysian Armed Forces. The three-year programme consists of around ten different courses in Cyber Security and Management per year. The training is aimed at students who want to cultivate a career as a specialist in Cyber Security and Management or alternatively aspire to a leading role in an organisation where information and communication technology is a decisive factor.

BAE Systems Bofors’ funding is an innovative way of delivering the inward investment requirements of Malaysia’s acquisition of BAE Systems Bofors naval guns, often referred to as ‘offset’.

Malaysia is a big market for BAE Systems Bofors in the marine domain. Thanks to great collaboration with Warwick University and UPNM, we have managed to implement for us, a completely unique variant of offset, where we fulfilled our investment requirement and made a substantial contribution to the Malaysian education system, Nils-Ove Gustafsson, Sales Manager BAE Systems Bofors explained.

BAE Systems in Malaysia
BAE Systems has been a proud partner to Malaysia for over 50 years and is one of the few companies that works across all defence domains in the country. From the Hawk aircraft that continues to perform a vital frontline service for the Royal Malaysian Air Force, to the maritime equipment in service with the Royal Malaysian Navy. Partnerships built around the Hawk aircraft have created more than 7,000 jobs which support a world leading aerospace industry. In the security domain, the Company has invested more than RM50m to grow its Digital Intelligence business in Malaysia, establishing a regional cyber security hub in Kuala Lumpur, which now employs over 300 skilled engineers, the majority of whom are Malaysian nationals.

About BAE Systems
At BAE Systems, our advanced defence technology protects people and national security, and keeps critical information and infrastructure secure. We search for new ways to provide our customers with a competitive edge across the air, maritime, land, space and cyber domains. We employ a skilled workforce of 93,100 people in around 40 countries, and work closely with local partners to support economic development by transferring knowledge, skills and technology.