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Montage Technology Leads in Trial Production of 3rd-Gen DDR5 RCDs

SHANGHAI, Oct. 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Montage Technology, a leading data processing and interconnect IC company, today announced it has taken the lead in trial production of the 3rd-generation DDR5 Registering Clock Driver (RCD03) designed for use in DDR5 RDIMMs.

Montage Technology's 3rd-Gen DDR5 Registering Clock Driver (RCD03)
Montage Technology’s 3rd-Gen DDR5 Registering Clock Driver (RCD03)

With its blazingly fast 6400 MT/s data rate, the RCD03 sets a new bar for DDR5 memory performance in upcoming server platforms. It unlocks dramatic capacity, bandwidth, and latency improvements to meet the growing demands of data center, cloud, and AI applications.

The RCD03 marks a major advancement in Montage’s continued role as an innovator driving rapid DDR5 developments. This chip achieves a 14.3% speed increase over the 2nd-gen DDR5 RCD and a 33.3% increase over the 1st-gen, making it one of the fastest DDR5 memory interface solutions available today.

Leveraging enhancements like a dual-channel architecture and lower power supplies (1.1V VDD and 1.0V VDDIO), the RCD03 significantly improves the latency while reducing the power consumption as compared to DDR4 RCDs. Another key benefit is its support for up to 256 GB DRAM per module, quadrupling the capacity of modules in DDR4 generation.

“We are proud to spearhead the production of DDR5 RCD03 and deliver cutting-edge RCD technology to the market. Montage will continue to work closely with major CPU and DRAM manufacturers to propel DDR5 technology towards widespread application,” said Stephen Tai, President at Montage Technology.

“Intel has been at the forefront of driving DDR5 memory technology and enabling a strong ecosystem, in support of reliable and scalable industry standards. We are pleased to see Montage make further progress with the latest-generation memory interface chips, which can be used with Intel’s future Performance-core and Efficient-core Xeon® CPUs, to push the boundaries of performance to new heights,” said Dr. Dimitrios Ziakas, VP of Memory & IO Technologies at Intel.

“Samsung has been committed to enabling advanced memory products to meet the rapidly growing demands for data-intensive applications. Our collaborative engineering work with Montage has contributed to ongoing DDR5 roadmap advancement. As Montage scales production on this 3rd-gen DDR5 solution, we hope to see expanded ecosystem availability,” said Yongcheol Bae, Executive Vice President of Memory Product Planning Team at Samsung Electronics.

In addition to its RCD portfolio, Montage provides a comprehensive lineup of DDR5 infrastructure solutions including SPD EEPROM with Hubs, Temperature Sensors, and Power Management ICs, which are essential in complete DDR5 module designs optimized for performance, reliability and power efficiency.


Montage’s 1st, 2nd and 3rd-gen DDR5 Registering Clock Drivers are available for sale. The part numbers are M88DR5RCD01, M88DR5RCD02 and M88DR5RCD03 respectively. For more details, please contact Montage’s sales team at or dial +86 21 54679038.

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