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“Each tiny effort builds on the next, so that brick by brick, magnificent things can be created,” said Robin Sharma, Author

REYKJAVÍK, Iceland, Oct. 3, 2023 /PRNewswire/ —

Transformative steps forever changing the future of the financial industry. 

MyntExchange, a pioneering blockchain company, achieved a significant milestone last Wednesday tokenizing and listing Ceyron Neobank as the first company on its platform. Ceyron Neobank, a Canadian bank license holder, is revolutionizing cross-border money and cryptocurrency transfers with its innovative solutions. Ceyron Neobank’s platform offers a simple, fast, and secure way to transfer funds, making it more cost-effective than any other solution on the market. Users can effortlessly send money to loved ones and conveniently manage their accounts, including utility bill payments. Ceyron is using VIsa direct payment solutions.

“We are thrilled to have Ceyron Neobank as our first listing on MyntExchange,” said Bjorgvin Thorsteinsson, CEO of MyntExchange. “Their innovative solution aligns perfectly with our mission to promote company growth and provide accessible financial solutions. We believe that Ceyron Neobank’s listing will attract a diverse group of investors and provide exceptional investment opportunities.”

Metamorphosing solution, a welcome addition to the investment industry.

By listing on MyntExchange, Ceyron Neobank gains increased liquidity, access to investors, exposure to new markets, and enhanced credibility. It also provides a platform to showcase its innovative solution to a broader audience, facilitating potential partnerships and acquisitions. This groundbreaking achievement marks a new era for privately held companies, as MyntExchange becomes the first blockchain company to tokenize shares and offer them to the public.

“We are thrilled to be listed on MyntExchange,” said Gilles Kevin Massala, CEO of Ceyron Neobank. “This listing will provide us access to a broad range of capital-raising opportunities, enhancing our visibility and credibility among investors, customers, and partners and not to mention hopefully fast-tracking our mission to list on Nasdaq. We look forward to the exciting journey ahead.”

Seize command over the future.

MyntExchange goal in 2023 is to list over 80 companies, Companies from diverse industries and various sizes with a restriction off minimum valuation over $5.000.000, Through due diligence with collection and confirmation of  Documents.

  1. Commercial Register
  2. Significant Shareholder List (Name of each person owning 10% or more)
  3. A copy of each significant shareholder’s passport   
  4. Bylaws
  5. Terms of Service
  6. Company Presentation (Description of business operations) 
  7. A short marketing video describing the Company’s mission (optional)
  8. The Issuer’s valuation 
  9. The issuer’s last two years of financial statements prepared using Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) 
  10. Proof the issuer’s tax filings are up to date
  11. Attestation of Good Faith.
  12. A copy of the Issuer’s terms of service
  13. A copy of the Issuer’s Anti-Money Laundering Policy
  14. A copy of the Issuer’s Privacy Policy

The valuation is performed through a third party, Equidam a leader in the industry.

Investment opportunities diversification.

Investing in MyntExchange offers investors a diversified portfolio and access to a growing ecosystem of innovative companies. The platform’s commitment to promoting growth and innovation in all industries sets it apart from traditional exchanges and positions MyntExchange is poised to become a leading player in the cryptocurrency market.

MyntExchange’s successful listing of the first company is a testament to its dedication and solution-based mission to provide a secure and transparent investment platform in the biggest growth period of companies. By adhering to strict reporting and disclosure requirements, MyntExchange ensures that investors can access reliable information and make informed investment decisions.

The push toward progress

“We are creating a dynamic and exciting investment ecosystem,” added Andrés Bertelsen, CMO of MyntExchange. “By listing on MyntExchange, companies gain increased liquidity, exposure to diverse investors, enhanced credibility, and media exposure through Myntnews and its partners. We are proud to be at the forefront of this transformative movement in the financial industry.”

MyntExchange is pleased to announce that registration for new users is open

MyntExchange focuses on ensuring a seamless and secure trading experience for all users. As part of this commitment, MyntExchange has sought direct guidance from Nasdaq a leading market data specialist and investment technology expert.

“We are excited to collaborate with Nasdaq to strengthen our platform,” said Bjorgvin Thorsteinsson, CEO of MyntExchange. “By working with industry leaders like Nasdaq, we are taking proactive steps to ensure the safety and integrity of our users’ data and transactions.”

MyntExchange’s listing of Cheyron NBeobank and partnership with Nasdaq mark significant milestones in democratizing access to investment opportunities and providing an actual asset-backed blockchain token. MyntExchange is embarking on a mission to reshape the future of finance.

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