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RapidDirect Launches New Team Collaboration and Drawing Annotation Features on its Online Platform

SHENZHEN, China, Oct. 24, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — RapidDirect, the world-leading partner for custom manufacturing, has unveiled its new Team Collaboration and Drawing Annotation Features on its online platform. These features are designed to empower customers with real-time communication, enhanced productivity, and an efficient online platform.

Traditionally, the process of procurement has been mired in inefficiencies. Communication gaps between engineers and financial personnel often lead to delays, errors, and lost opportunities. RapidDirect recognized these concerns and has taken a proactive step by introducing Team Collaboration Tools within their online quotation platform to effectively address these issues. 

The new Team Collaboration feature allows customers to seamlessly integrate RapidDirect into their procure-to-pay suite. Engineers and financial personnel can now function as one cohesive team. This real-time communication streamlines the purchasing process, reducing errors and fostering a deeper understanding of each project’s requirements. Benefits include:

  • Real-time Communication: No more waiting for emails to be answered. Engineers and financial personnel can communicate directly on quotes, proforma invoices, payments, and order history. With Team Collaboration, teams can communicate instantly, fostering better collaboration and understanding.
  • Project Management Integration: RapidDirect can now be a central part of project management. With the Team Workspaces feature, customers can efficiently manage every aspect of their projects from a single dashboard.
  • Streamlined Workflows: The new feature lets customers have purchasing activities at their fingertips. Everything is neatly organized within the Team Workspaces, from quote sharing to proforma invoice downloads, making payments, and checking order history.

The "Team Collaboration" and "Drawing Annotation" features are now available on the RapidDirect online platform. Try it now!
The “Team Collaboration” and “Drawing Annotation” features are now available on the RapidDirect online platform. Try it now!

The challenges engineers face when annotating technical drawings have long been a stumbling block in the manufacturing process, especially in CNC machining. RapidDirect has stepped in to provide a user-friendly solution with its Online Technical Drawing Annotation Feature. This feature empowers customers to add notes and comments directly on their technical drawings, eliminating the need for separate documentation. Moreover, they can send annotated drawings directly to RapidDirect via the online chat, eliminating the waiting gap.

Annotated drawings ensure that the manufacturing team fully understands the design intent, reducing errors and the need for costly rework. With seamless integration into the online platform, this feature facilitates a smooth and efficient workflow from design to manufacturing.

“Addressing longstanding issues is paramount; turning a blind eye is not the solution. Our introduction of Online Drawing Annotation and enhanced Team Collaboration signifies a significant leap toward our unwavering commitment to streamlining the manufacturing process, making it not only more efficient but also error-resistant. Leon Huang, CEO of RapidDirect, emphasizes, ‘At RapidDirect, we are devoted to bridging the gap between design and manufacturing, simplifying the production process, and fostering a more collaborative and efficient ecosystem through innovative technology.'”

The introduction of Team Collaboration and Online Drawing Annotation marks the addition to our recent innovations, joining the ranks of previously unveiled features in the third quarter of 2023 like the Instant 3D Printing Quotes. And there are even more groundbreaking innovations on the horizon, scheduled to be unveiled in the fourth quarter of 2023.

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