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Risen Energy’s HJT Hyper-ion Solar Module Granted Carbon Footprint Certification by Certisolis, Achieving Record-Breaking Carbon Footprint Value

NINGBO, China, Oct. 26, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Risen Energy, a global leading manufacturer of high-performance solar photovoltaic (PV) products, is pleased to announce that the company has received French carbon footprint certification for its heterojunction (HJT) Hyper-ion solar module. This significant milestone paves the way for Risen Energy’s plans to expand its market presence in the country as it continues to empower the global new energy transition with more green, high-efficiency, and high-quality solar products.

The certification, granted by Certisolis, a third-party institution appointed by the French Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE) as the only laboratory to evaluate and certify the performance of PV products, confirms that Risen Energy’s Hyper-ion module achieves a carbon footprint value of 376.5 kg eq CO2/kWc. This solar module sets a new industry standard for product carbon footprint, offering a climate-friendly design combined with cutting-edge innovations that help reduce costs and increase power generation.

“In an era where the global impact of climate change is ever-increasing, carbon neutrality has become a universal imperative. As a leader in the solar industry, Risen Energy is dedicated to pioneering high-efficiency, low-carbon solar products. The introduction of the Hyper-ion series marks a new milestone for Risen Energy, a next-gen solution that reduces the cost per kilowatt-hour while enhancing carbon value, in addition to its superior power generation. It testifies to our commitment to advancing PV technology and our ambition to empower the world to accelerate towards a zero-carbon future with innovative products,” said Liu Yafeng, Senior Director of R&D at Risen Energy.

Risen Energy’s Hyper-ion series harnesses its latest HJT technology with microcrystalline doped layers on both sides of the cell. The adoption of a silver-coated copper-based paste reduces silver consumption, which drives down overall costs.

The module is also equipped with Hyper-Link, a special interconnection technology developed by Risen Energy. Additionally, the zero-busbar design eliminates the busbars on cells to further enhance interconnectivity.

With efficiency reaching up to 23.9%, the module boasts an extremely stable temperature coefficient and a high bifaciality of up to 85% ±10%. The thinner wafer and low-temperature process of HJT allow the module to achieve a carbon footprint value of less than 400 kg eq CO2/kWc. Launched in 2022, the module has been certified to meet the standards of IEC 61215/IEC 61730.

With the increasing impact of global climate change, carbon neutrality has become a global consensus. As a leading player in the PV industry, Risen Energy has always embraced the concept of sustainable development. It actively responds to the national call for low-carbon development and is committed to researching and developing high-yield, low-carbon emission products.

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