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SANY Witnesses the Birth of The Land of the Future

CHANGSHA, China, Oct. 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Located in the Northwestern of Saudi Arabia, NEOM, a $500 billion giga-project launched in 2017, is SANY Group’s (SANY) most significant project in the Middle East with a total of about 2,500 units of machines projected to be deployed in the construction. As the centerpiece of ‘Saudi Vision 2030’, an ambitious plan by the Saudi Arabian government to transform the country’s economy, NEOM will not just be a place, but a home for people who dream big and an innovative hub for those who seek to build a 100% sustainable city.


The name NEOM, derived from the Ancient Greek prefix “neo” and the first letter of the Arabic word “Mustaqbal”, means “new future”. The future land consists of three core regions:

  • Oxagon, the world’s largest floating structure serving 13% of the world’s trade, is set to redefine the traditional industry with clean tech and a smart supply chain network. 
  • Trojena is a year-round mountain destination blending amazing nature and unique human-centric experiences.
  • THE LINE, the most imposing of the four, is an innovative city totally driven by clean energy. The line-shaping city will stretch 1700 kilometers from the banks of the Red Sea to the city of Tabuk being only 200 meters wide and a mirrored city wall towering 500 meters above the sea level.

Prioritizing people’s well-being over any transportation and infrastructure, THE LINE will have no roads, no cars, and runs on 100% renewable energy. Once completed, 9 million residents in the future city will have access to all daily necessities within a five-minute walk.

SANY has deployed over 1672 pieces of equipment on-site since the second half of 2021, including cranes, excavators, loaders, dump trucks, and pump trucks, and the number is expected to increase as intended orders continue to pour in.

The simultaneous running of such a huge number of machines presents a challenge of service. SANY has formed a service team with over 50 engineers on-site to make prompt responses and ensure construction progress.

Predicted to be completed by 2030, NEOM will be a community powered by great minds and talents. SANY, with its over 2,000 units of machines dotted on the land of the future, is proud to witness the birth of the intelligent city.

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