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Schindler champions the future of urbanization at CTBUH 2023 Conference

SINGAPORE and KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, Oct. 12, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Schindler, a leading elevator and escalator manufacturer, will deliver three presentations at the 2023 Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH) Conference to be held from October 16 to October 21, 2023, in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. The company is a Platinum Sponsor at the event which will bring together more than 1,000 construction industry experts for a series of workshops, presentations, and panel discussions under the theme of “Humanizing High Density”.

This year’s CTBUH Conference will examine the challenges and opportunities arising from the world’s rapid shift to urbanization. It’s a trend with significant implications for the conference’s host cities, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. Singapore is already the world’s second most densely populated country, while Kuala Lumpur is in the midst of a high-rise and urbanization transformation that it hopes will make it a regional hub for business, living, and much more. According to the United Nations, around 70% of the world’s population is expected to live in urban areas by 2050. This means as many as 2.5 billion people could move from rural areas to cities in under 30 years. The migration will fundamentally alter the balance between nature and cities, vertical and horizontal urbanization, and individuals and their communities.

Attendees at the CTBUH 2023 Conference will examine this trend of urbanization under the theme “Humanizing High Density”. Schindler will have a major presence at the event, showcasing its smart urban mobility solutions for the cities of today and tomorrow. We will focus on integrating high-rise buildings, and the communities that inhabit them, with a healthy environment – in new, sustainable, and meaningful ways.

Schindler’s Robert Boog, Managing Director of Global Large Projects, and Florian Troesch, Head of Transit Management & Digital Solutions, will be delivering presentations at the event. Robert Boog will unravel how understanding patterns of human density can contribute to building more flexible and adaptive urban environments, while Florian Troesch will introduce Schindler MetaCore, one of Schindler’s latest innovations for repurposing skyscrapers.

Schindler MetaCore, an innovative system for repurposing buildings simply and sustainably, is also up for two awards at the event: the “Overall Innovation Award” and “Audience Award” (in the category of Innovation). Schindler R.I.S.E, the world’s first Robotic Installation System for Elevators, will compete for two awards at the event: the “Overall Construction Award” and “Audience Award” (in the category of Construction). Both Schindler innovations have already received an “Award of Excellence” from CTBUH.

“At Schindler, we recognize the leading position of the Asia Pacific market as a hotbed of innovation and pioneering spirit,” says Robert Seakins, President of Asia Pacific & Global Large Projects. “Our enduring commitment to the high-rise sector fuels our constant pursuit of innovation. The CTBUH event stands as a pivotal industry platform, uniting high-rise visionaries worldwide. We eagerly embrace this opportunity to be a part of the event and to engage in enriching dialogues with fellow industry leaders and our esteemed customers.”

About The Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH):
The Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH) is a global non-profit organization dedicated to smarter, more sustainable cities and a more viable future for global populations. CTBUH is headquartered in Chicago and has offices in Shanghai, China, and Venice, Italy. In addition to hosting leading industry events, CTBUH produces research and reporting on issues of significant consequence to its membership. CTBUH is best known to the public as the arbiter of tall building height and the global authority that bestows titles such as “The World’s Tallest Building.”

About Schindler:
Jardine Schindler Group is headquartered in Hong Kong and designs, engineers, installs, maintains, and modernizes elevators, escalators and moving walkways in Brunei, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia, Myanmar, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, and Vietnam. Jardine Schindler Group employs over 5,000 staff in a variety of specialist disciplines, ranging from engineering design to construction management.

On average, 100 million people throughout the Asia Pacific will be transported by equipment supplied and maintained by Jardine Schindler Group on any given day. To learn more, visit www.jardineschindler.com

Yen Kiat Tan
Head of Key Accounts Management, Marketing, & Large Project Sales