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Slenergy Launches Tailored iShare-Home One-Stop Solar Solution for Italian Households

MILAN, Oct. 16, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — On October 13, Slenergy hosted a momentous product launch ceremony in Milan, Italy. At this event, Slenergy introduced its innovative residential energy solution, iShare-Home, aiming at helping Italian households reduce energy costs, achieve energy independence, and minimize their carbon footprint.


Esteemed guests from the new energy industry and valued partners from various regions of Italy graced the event, marking an important achievement for Slenergy. In the presence of distinguished individuals like Pietro Radoia, Senior Solar Analyst at Bloomberg NEF, Davide Bartesaghi, Director of Solare B2B media, and Slenergy’s CEO Pensee Liu, the participants witnessed the unveiling of this pioneering one-stop solar solution and exchanged valuable insights.

The event commenced with an impressive video, offering a glimpse into Slenergy’s smart factory. The intelligent manufacturing processes showcased in the video underscored the company’s dedication to delivering high-quality products. Through continuous product innovation, vertical integration across the industrial chain and precision manufacturing techniques, Slenergy is committed to providing customers with more accessible, efficient, reliable and cost-effective smart energy solutions.

The standout moment of the event was the highly anticipated introduction of the iShare-Home tailor-made for the Italian market. iShare-Home is a one-stop solution characterized by standardized system design, modular product design, easy installation and smart energy management. This innovative system includes a hybrid inverter, energy storage, cable sets, a specialized ibox and a smart monitoring system.

During the event, Ricky Xu, General Manager of Slenergy’s Italian branch, delivered an inspiring address. He highlighted the company’s profound belief in light and its unwavering commitment to clean energy. Xu pointed out Slenergy’s dedication to establishing a robust local presence focusing on the after-sales service and enabling clients to harness solar power in various scenarios.

Acknowledging the importance of the Italian solar market, Slenergy introduced special promotional incentives during the event. The company’s global partner strategy, known as “Luminous Partner Rewards”, was unveiled on this occasion. Partners who joined the program were presented with substantial advantages. Slenergy expressed its excitement at welcoming new partners to join them in embracing a brighter future and reaping the associated benefits.

As a visionary player in the new energy sector, Slenergy is dedicated to upgrading the industry through precision manufacturing and delivering rewarding products with innovative technologies. The successful launch event in Milan marks another milestone in Slenergy’s journey to becoming a world-leading provider of sustainable smart energy solutions.