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Smilegate, Wonderers Soft Launch Pre-registration Now Available

  • Pre-registration available in Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, and Australia
  • Diverse gameplay featuring 4v4 Realtime action PvP, roguelike dungeons, Minigames and more 

SEOUL, South Korea, Oct. 16, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Smilegate announced on the 11th that it will begin the Soft Launch Pre-registration of its new action adventure game “Wonderers: Eternal World” in 4 countries across the globe.

Smilegate, Wonderers Soft Launch Pre-registration Now Available
Smilegate, Wonderers Soft Launch Pre-registration Now Available

The 4 eligible countries will be the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, and Australia. Pre-registration will be available from the official website (, Google Play, and Apple App Store of the elibigle regions. Players who pre-register will receive up to $30’s worth of free giveaways, including Costumes, Dyes, Crystals and more.

Wonderers is a casual action battle game developed by NGELGAMES, the developers behind titles such as Hero Cantare and Tower of God: Great Journey. Wonderers supports both Mobile and PC Platforms.

Wonderers offers diverse gameplay through a variety of game modes. The signature mode, Gold Clash, is a 4v4 real-time team-based arena where players compete for victory by fighting for Gold generated on the map. Players can choose between closing out the game with the Gold they’ve collected or spending it to empower their characters, and as parts of the arena crumble over time, brawls will break out in the center of the map.

Wonderers also offers other modes for players who prefer a different style of play. The Glitch Dungeon is a PvE game mode with roguelike elements that can be enjoyed solo, and the open world offers various Minigames such as racing, board games, and fishing that can be enjoyed together with friends.

It’s also worth keeping an eye out for the cast of distinctive characters reimagined from their popular fairy-tale roots. Each character has their own set of skills and playstyles and that can be customized according to player preferences. The cute visuals add a layer of charm that bring the game’s themes to life.

Smilegate will roll out the soft launch of Wonderers in 4 countries this year. For more information on Wonderers, please visit the official Global Website. (