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State Grid Dezhou Power Supply Company: Escort Autumn Harvest Taking Multiple Measures to ensure Power Supply Services

DEZHOU, China, Nov. 1, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Recently, at Ji’ao Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. in Lihewu Town, Linyi County, Dezhou City, Shandong Province, grain trucks loaded with golden corn orderly drove into the drying area. Grain dryers were operating rumblingly. After a series of process of drying and cooling, the dried corn niblets poured out from the discharge hatch, and workers were busy packing, sealing, and storing…

“Due to weather conditions, the moisture content of corn this year is generally high. During the peak period of grain purchase, the dryer has to operate at full load around the clock, and stable power supply is essential for the machine operation. Thanks to the help of the power supply department with the checking of the circuit, we can increase our production to full capacity! “Wang Tongxiang, the superintendent of Ji’ao Agricultural Development Co., Ltd., expressed gratitude to the power supply department for providing high-quality services during the busy farming season.

Autumn is in full swing, the fields are brimming with joyful golden harvest scenery. It’s the harvest time again. In order to effectively ensure the safe use of electricity and high-quality services during the autumn harvest time, State Grid Dezhou Power Supply Company made  thoughtful arrangements in advance and implemented a “grid based” service mechanism with power supply stations as units. Based on the characteristics of the agricultural activities in autumn harvest, a reasonable autumn harvest power supply plan has been formulated, and an autumn harvest party members service team has been established. They rushed to the front line of autumn harvest to ensure safety, power supply, and people’s livelihood, guaranteeing the stability and reliability of autumn harvest power supply and the safety of people’s lives and properties.

“The ventilation in power distribution room should be ensured, and the interior should be dry, clean, and tidy. The power equipment must be inspected and maintained in a timely basis, and people can contact us any time if any abnormalities are found. “The party member service team of the power supply company said to the superintendent of Ji’ao Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. while inspecting the power supply equipment.It is informed that Linyi County Ji’ao Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. mainly conducts businesses such as the reserving, drying, and screening of the grain, simultaneously, the “one-stop” agricultural service projects such as superior seed promotion, land trusteeship, and agricultural material purchase are implemented as well. They own two product processing lines, one for wheat and the other for corn, dozens of other processing equipment, and two sets of large-scale drying equipment. To ensure the security and stability of the use of electricity in production, the power supply department staff takes the initiative to conduct a comprehensive “physical checkup” for the equipment in the production workshop, distribution room, grain processing and drying control, and other electrical equipment. They also conducted special inspections and maintenance of relevant electrical equipment to assist users eliminating potential hazards promptly.

“Since the autumn harvest, our party member service team has visited more than 5000 households, settled 21 electricity demands, cleared 33 potential electricity hazards, solved existing electricity problems effectively, and secured stable power supply, “said Tao Tao, Director of Marketing Department of State Grid Linyi Power Supply Company.

Grain production is a top priority for our country. State Grid Dezhou Power Supply Company will continue to carry out the work of “guaranteeing power supply and assisting autumn harvest”, providing good autumn harvest services, assisting the storage of every grain to the warehouse, and taking practical actions to guarantee the “grain bags” more abundant , the  “vegetable baskets” fuller, and the “prosperous days” more beautiful!