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State Grid Jining Power Supply Company: electric power escort production capacity of high-end industry sufficient

JINING, China, Nov. 1, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Recently, with the constant expansion of the robot market, the robot production line of Luoshi Intelligent Manufacturing Future Factory in Jining City is working at full capacity to meet the orders at home and abroad.

The Luoshi Intelligent Manufacturing Future Factory Project in Jining is a major project in Shandong Province in 2022, which is constructed by Luoshi (Shandong) Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., a national specialized, refined, and innovative key little giant enterprise with a total investment of 510 million yuan. With automated design system, the factory can complete the assembly of one industrial robot body within 37 minutes, making it the first in China. The six axis small load robots, widely serving the top ten global automotive parts and vehicle manufacturers, has maintained the top domestic shipment for three consecutive years with an annual total shipment of over 10000 units.

In recent years, with the strong support of the local government and the reliable guarantee of electric power, the Luoshi Intelligent Manufacturing Future Factory has built a 100-acre innovative intelligent manufacturing industrial park and  an international standard high-end industrial robot production line, and has completed the technological transformation of digital intelligent manufacturing workshops. The entire factory adopts automated design, which improves production efficiency and standards. The production capacity of robots has increased from 3000 sets per year to 50000 per year,and the annual sales revenue mounts to 2 billion yuan and the profit taxes to nearly 400 million yuan. Thus a new leap-forward has been achieved.

State Grid Jining Power Supply Company takes the initiative to visit the robot enterprise and take multiple measures to accurately serve its special electricity needs. Safety inspections of the distribution rooms and production workshops are regularly conducted and electricity hazards are eliminated with correct instruction. At the same time, the Rainbow Party member service team is organized to increase the frequency of inspections of power lines and equipment, and “point-to-point” security monitoring is implemented  to guarantee the safe and reliable service of the power facilities.

State Grid Jining Power Supply Company also provides a series of value-added services for enterprises, such as energy consumption analysis and energy efficiency bills,etc. Then the production cost is further reduced, and the market competitiveness is enhanced, thus guaranteeing the enterprise to run at full capacity and seize more market share with solid electric power support.