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Taiwan Actively Collaborates with International Partners Through Hackathon

TAIPEI, Oct. 11, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Taiwan actively finds creative digital net-zero solutions with international partners through hackathons. The number of applications for the 2023 Taiwan Hackathon hit a record high, reflecting the growing interest in promoting collaboration and social good among innovation teams.

The digital technology development in Taiwan has matured, and the administrations are also committed to promoting open data applications. The competition was held to facilitate cross-border collaboration between Taiwan and global citizens and the use of open data to establish global consensus and innovative solutions to public issues. The goal was to uncover innovative works that have significant social impact.

The competition has two tracks: domestic and international. The International Track has entered its fifth session since its inception in 2019. The event organizer stated that this year’s theme was “Free the Future: Open, Digital & Green” and that there were 60 submissions from more than 30 countries, nearly double the number from last year. The participating teams focused on how to achieve the goals of sustainable development and net-zero carbon emissions through open data and digital innovation.

After nearly two months of review and professional coaching, HysonTech, a team of members from Taiwan and India, and Re-Fill City, a team from Thailand, stood out from the 60 submitted proposals. HysonTech incorporated AIoT technology into automated equipment to reduce aquaculture risks. Re-Fill City used digital interactive games to encourage people to gain free drinking water to reduce plastic and waste.

The winning teams were invited to receive awards in September. Distinguished international guests who were present at the award ceremony included Ambassador Andrea Clare Bowman of the Embassy of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Mr. Manharsinh Laxmanbhai Yadav of the India Taipei Association, Dheerangkun Uchino, Chief of Economic Affairs Section of the Thailand Trade and Economic Office. Their attendance affirmed the competition’s efforts in promoting open and diverse participation, global harmony, and the common good.

To foster collaboration opportunities between winning teams from Taiwan and abroad, visits were organized to administrations, academic institutions, and enterprises that have implemented “digital and net-zero applications.” The aim was to familiarize the teams with the local IoT technology and the digital means employed to assist factories in reducing carbon emissions. In addition, the purpose was to promote public-private sector collaboration and innovative technologies.