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The Sandbox and T&B Media Global Announce Partnership to Build Virtual Worlds

BANGKOK, Oct. 4, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The Sandbox is thrilled to announce the first phase of a multi-faceted strategic collaboration with T&B Media Global, a leading Intellectual Property (IP) development company dedicated to the art of storytelling. This first phase will expand The Sandbox platform with revolutionary immersive experiences built with T&B, to push the boundaries of interoperability and enabling users to explore its interconnected virtual worlds seamlessly. 

The Sandbox and T&B Media Global Announce Partnership to Build Virtual Worlds
The Sandbox and T&B Media Global Announce Partnership to Build Virtual Worlds

Under this first phase, The Sandbox will integrate T&B Media Global’s extraordinary IPs into its metaverse, providing users with unparalleled experiences set in IP-themed virtual worlds. The partnership will also provide a sneak peek into the future cooperation between The Sandbox and Translucia, T&B’s own virtual world engine, powered by AI, blockchain and immersive technologies,  along with its immersive partner universe, Mittaria, allowing players to explore iconic locations, interact with memorable characters, and embark on exciting adventures.

Future phases of the collaboration will further explore additional engagements with capabilities from T&B’s portfolio companies VUCA Digital (fintech) and Lightlink (blockchain) as part of the collaboration.

“The collaboration represents a significant milestone in our journey to create meaningful, interconnected virtual worlds,” said Dr. Jwanwat Ahriyavraromp, Founder and CEO of T&B Media Global. “By joining forces with The Sandbox, we are taking a major step towards establishing a network of interoperable virtual worlds that offer users seamless and immersive experiences across multiple platforms.” 

The partnership between The Sandbox and T&B Media Global sets the stage for an exciting future of immersive gaming experiences. Users can look forward to worlds where their favorite IP-themed virtual environments converge, fostering unparalleled creativity, exploration, and community engagement.

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