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Tuya Embraces Global Developers at the TUYA Developer Summit (Hong Kong), to Jointly Explore the Future of IoT

HONG KONG, Oct. 17, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — On October 14, 2023, Tuya Smart (NYSE: TUYA, HKEX: 2391), a global IoT developer service provider, opened the TUYA Developer Summit (Hong Kong) with global industry leaders to explore the theme of “Future Reimagined: Go Beyond Smart” through cutting-edge trends of AI, new energy, and the goal of bringing end-consumers a higher quality smart lifestyle experience.

As a highly prosperous international metropolis, Hong Kong gathers capital, technology, culture, and other resources, forming a vibrant and innovative financial ecosystem. Coupled with its natural geographical advantages, Hong Kong has become an important transportation hub in the Asia-Pacific region, as well as an important bridge for economic and trade cooperation, which has attracted many science and technology enterprises. In recent years, Hong Kong has promulgated the “Hong Kong Smart City Blueprint” and “Blueprint 2.0” to build a smart city. Thanks to the favorable policies, the IoT consumption market in Hong Kong is gradually expanding. According to Digital Market Outlook, it is expected that Hong Kong’s IoT consumer smart home market will reach U.S. $215 million in 2025. This huge market brings tremendous business opportunities for developers, which is why it was chosen for the TUYA Developer Summit.

The event featured Jenny Koo, the Assistant Executive Director of Hong Kong Trade Development Council, Kevin Hu, the Principle BD Manager of Alexa Smart Home, Michael Yung, the APAC Strategic Advisor of Google Cloud, John Cheng, the Founder & CEO of Momax Smart, Ken Fung, the Executive Director of German Pool, Set Su, the Vice President of LNDU, Vincent Chow, the Sr. Manager of Marketing, Communications & Customer of CLP Digital, Ivan Fu MH JP, the CEO of C Cheng Holdings and the Director of Hong Kong Green Building Council, Terry Leung, the Enterprise Business VP of China Mobile International, Apirut Vancha-am, the Chief Digital Officer of SCG, Wilson Chong, the chairman of IOTHK, Rayman Wong, the Executive Director of MaxiSense, Leo Chen, the Co-Chairman and President of Tuya Smart, Alex Yang, the Co-Founder & Coo of Tuya Smart, Eva Na, the Vice President of Marketing and Strategic Cooperation, and CMO of Tuya Smart, and Tina Yu, the General Manager of Eurasia Region of Tuya Smart.

“Tuya has always regarded ‘the fulfillment of customers’ as its core value. For Tuya, its industry-leading technology, well-functioning hardware and software ecosystem, global market channels, and marketing capabilities are the ‘foundation’ of our success. Tuya has always adhered to an open and neutral stance. We are willing to work with global developers to address the pain points of users and the industry, and continue to create economic and social benefits, to build a more friendly, green, and intelligent ecosystem.” said Leo Chen, the Co-Chairman and President of Tuya Smart, during the opening remarks.

Jenny Koo, the Assistant Executive Director of the Hong Kong Trade Development Council, then delivered a welcome speech at the Summit. “Cutting-edge technologies such as IoT, AI, and big data, are instrumental to the construction of smart cities. Hong Kong’s unique role as the premier business platform will provide a fertile cradle for the development of IoT and leading smart transformation in the region. As a global IoT developer service provider, Tuya is offering a trusted platform that connects a range of devices via the IoT, enabling partners and customers to improve the value of their products. We encourage companies from around the world to use Hong Kong as their reliable business platform to expand their global business.”

Then, Alex Yang, the Co-Founder & COO of Tuya Smart, shared his insights under the theme of “loT for Sustainability and Beyond – Foundation Extended & ESG Cases,” He said. “The need to address sustainable development is becoming increasingly crucial. By building tangible, visible, and controllable digital connections closed-loop, IoT, as a key tool to create green and smart living, can achieve novel forms of scene control based on data and artificial intelligence algorithms, delivering a high energy efficiency green experience. In recent years, we have seen an increasing number of successful cases emerging in Tuya’s ecosystem. Together with our partners, we look forward to accelerating green technologies.”

“In the meantime, Tuya launched PaaS2.0 this year, enabling developers to create more intelligent devices and solutions that could be used in a variety of settings more efficiently and flexibly,” Yang said. “AI smart assistants, for instance, assist consumers in smoothly and interactively managing smart devices at home; And also Tuya combines smart device scenarios with home energy-saving algorithms, enabling end-users to add energy-saving scenarios with only a single click on the App, significantly enhancing the accessibility of energy-saving tactics. Tuya will continue to be fiercely applied to the ESG concept in the future as it works to advance environmentally friendly and sustainable technologies.”

I. Intersecting loT & Al for Global

Sustainable Adoption

In what fields will the integration of AI and IoT technologies set off another wave of intelligence? The TUYA Developer Summit brought unique insights for global developers through guest speakers’ distinguishing understanding of the practical application of AI and IoT technologies.

Alexa, a better way to control your smart home

Kevin Hu: Build the Ambient Home Together with Amazon

Alexa has become part of the family in millions of households around the world—with well over half a billion devices sold and customers interacting with Alexa tens of millions of times every hour. On top of this, there are more than one million registered developers, brands, and device makers building conversational, natural, and proactive experiences with Alexa. Amazon offers a collection of tools, APIs, reference solutions, and documentation that makes it easy for developers to build Alexa experiences for their customers.

“Tuya has been working closely with Amazon on improving smart home set-up experiences, and have recently incorporated Amazon’s Frustration Free Setup for Matter, which enables customers to onboard their Matter devices quickly, without the need to enter network passwords, Matter setup codes or account linking. This helpful feature shows the great potential of voice being an easy and intuitive way to manage the smart home, and we look forward to continuing to work with Tuya to address the consumer demand for voice-controlled smart home devices.” said Kevin Hu, Principal Business Development Manager, Alexa Smart Home.

Google Cloud

Michael Yung: AI and Sustainability

Google Cloud accelerates every organization’s ability to digitally transform its business and industry. With enterprise-grade solutions that leverage Google’s cutting-edge technology and tools that help developers build more sustainably, customers in more than 200 countries and territories turn to Google Cloud as their trusted partner to enable growth and solve their most critical business problems.

 “We believe that technological innovation is critical to the transition to a lower-carbon world and are committed to doing our part by reducing our own emissions with the goal of net zero by 2030. That’s why we are committed to creating sustainable digital products and providing content through our platforms that makes it easier for users to make sustainable choices in their everyday lives. For example, we launched environmental API series based on Google Maps, to help developers access more comprehensive environmental information for better sustainable development,” said Michael Yung, the Strategic Advisor at Google Cloud.

II. Navigating the loT Landscape in Consumer Electronics

Cutting-edge technology can change consumers’ lifestyles and build a smarter living space. This time, the TUYA Developer Summit has invited many famous companies to share with developers how IoT technology can change the public’s daily life, and bring inspiration to developers.

Momax Smart, an innovation-driven brand

John Cheng: The Smart Future of Homes in Hong Kong

In 2019, Momax has created a dedicated branch for providing one-stop services for users to purchase favorable products, Momax Smart. With high quality as the core requirement, its products combine beautiful design with practicality, constantly making breakthroughs and innovations, and have earned a good reputation in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Southeast Asia Europe, etc.

Hong Kong, as a pioneer of smart city, has always set a smart city blueprint as its primary goal. With the strong support and promotion of the Hong Kong government, the development momentum of the smart home market will only increase in the future, with great prospects. In such a large development space, smart home enterprises will be riveted constantly deep into the blue sea, in order not to be drowned by the ‘waves’, the enterprises also need to join forces, and Tuya’s developer platform can meet the diversified intelligent needs, which will significantly enhance market competitiveness. In the future, we hope to cooperate with Tuya and emerge the smart home market together.” said John Cheng, the Founder & CEO of Momax Smart.

German Pool, a pioneer in the home appliance industry in Hong Kong

Ken Fung: Better Lifestyle through Smart Technology

Founded in 1982, German Pool is one of the most influential players in the home appliance industry in Hong Kong and is also the pioneer in the water heater industry in Hong Kong. Over the years, German Pool has been pushing the boundaries of the brand, expanding its product line to include cooking appliances, seasonal appliances, large kitchen appliances, customized kitchen cabinets, and whole-house furniture, providing one-stop whole-house solutions. Today, German Pool has developed into an international enterprise integrating product design, manufacturing, marketing, and international import and export, and is committed to bringing all home appliances and other home products into the IoT era.

“IoT is an indispensable communication technology for devices to get connected via cloud. Home devices can be linked and upgraded based on IoT, effectively reducing energy consumption, and bringing consumers a healthier and more efficient way of life, creating a better living environment,” said Ken Fung, the Executive Director of German Pool.

LNDU, Consumer Electronics Company

Set Su: Life with Security Technology

Founded in 2010, Shenzhen LNDU is a high-tech enterprise centered on artificial intelligence algorithms, imaging technology, cloud, and communication, covering smart locks, smart cameras, and other related fields.

“Safety is the cornerstone of every family’s well-being, thus the importance of home security is self-evident. As a leading company in the industry, LNDU has always been working to research the development and design of intelligent security products, creating a series of secure, reliable, and high-quality products to build a matrix of innovative home security products. Thanks to the support of Tuya’s developer platform. In the future, we will further cooperate with Tuya to create a full range of personalized LNDU branded applications, empowering a variety of scenarios and bringing a safer and smarter living experience to consumers around the world.” said Set Su, the Vice President of LNDU.

III. Advancing Sustainability in Hong Kong with Green Tech

Sustainable development is the focus of global enterprises. To address the issues of energy transition and sustainable development, Tuya invited well-known local enterprises in Hong Kong that have made achievements in the field of energy to elaborate on how they can realize energy transition and build a sustainable future.

CLP Smart Energy Connect

Vincent Chow: Enabling Energy Transition through Technology

Smart Energy Connect is CLP’s product development hub, working with customers to develop technology-based energy innovations that accelerate sustainability and decarbonization across organizations.

Vincent Chow, the Sr. Manager of Marketing, Communications & Customer of CLP Digital said, “While facing the challenges posed by climate change, we are committed to helping communities to reduce carbon emissions by continually optimizing our energy solutions. The aim of offering a comprehensive range of services to our customers is in line with CLP’s commitment to assisting all sectors at every stage of carbon reduction.”

Hong Kong Green Building Council Limited (HKGBC), Green Building Advocacy Organization

Ivan Fu MH JP: Design & Construction in the IoT Era: Building a Sustainable Future

The HKGBC is a green building advocacy organization in Hong Kong. The organization strives to promote the standards and developments of sustainable buildings in Hong Kong. The HKGBC also aims to raise green building awareness by engaging the public, the industry and the government, and to develop practical solutions for Hong Kong’s unique, subtropical built environment of high-rise, high density urban area, leading Hong Kong to become a world’s exemplar of green building development.

“Currently, green building has become the core driving force to promote global sustainable development, in which IoT technology has contributed to, through IoT empowerment make buildings smarter, safer, and more sustainable. As the world’s leading IoT developer platform, Tuya will also help Hong Kong and other places to vigorously develop green buildings, and build a sustainable future together with developers,” said Ivan Fu MH JP, the CEO of C Cheng Holdings and the Director of Hong Kong Green Building Council.

IV. Roundtable: Future of the Connected Consumer

The 2023 TUYA Developer Summit (Hong Kong) also featured a roundtable session on the theme of “Future of the Connected Consumer”. The roundtable provided cutting-edge insights and practical tips from China Mobile International, the world’s leading operator; SCG, Southeast Asia’s largest manufacturer of cement and building materials; the Hong Kong IoT Association, which is committed to promoting IoT adoption in Hong Kong; and MaxiSense, a smart home service provider.

“In the context of the IoT, 5G will offer an additional dependable and secure way to connect things to the Internet. More applications, including high-definition real-time video interaction, AR/VR, cloud games, and personal health assistant services, have a better user experience and are within reach, thanks to the benefits of 5G high bandwidth, low latency, and wide connectivity, especially when combined with AI, supercomputing, and other capabilities,” said Terry Leung, the Enterprise Business VP of China Mobile International.

“The future of connected consumers is being shaped by key trends, including interconnectivity, interoperability, and offline connectivity, which offer customers a wider array of brand choices and more convenient experiences, even in the absence of an internet connection. Moreover, industry leaders should make IoT solutions more accessible, inclusive, and user-friendly to expedite customers’ understanding of the value of smart products. Regrading SCG’s smart home brand, Mind, developed in collaboration with Tuya, SCG is committed to providing a comprehensive, end-to-end service model, encompassing design, installation, and post-sales support. This ensures customers have a simplified experience of IoT’s value proposition,” said Apirut Vancha-am, Chief Digital Officer of SCG.

“Driven by the local government, the IoT market is becoming increasingly robust, and at the same time presents unprecedented opportunities for individuals and businesses in Hong Kong. Despite good policies, there are still constraints to the development of IoT in Hong Kong. Nonetheless, Hong Kong is the first city to apply IoT in several categories, including warehouse management, baggage handling, and commerce. If IoT can be integrated with Hong Kong’s traditional industries and continue to extend its market size globally, this will give IoT a strong business foundation. We believe it will be a win-win solution for the further development of Hong Kong’s business services industry and IoT,” said Wilson Chong, the chairman of IOTHK.

“We are a carrier-grade cloud management platform tailored for IoT devices and have been strongly practicing ESG. We are committed to helping businesses and organizations reduce their carbon footprints to improve energy efficiency and continue to contribute to sustainable development,” said Rayman Wong, the Executive Director of MaxiSense.

TUYA Developer Summit (Hong Kong) not only brought forward-looking insights and inspirations to developers but also the latest technical achievements of Tuya. We will continuously help developers explore the future development path of IoT and jointly create brand-new business opportunities. In the future, the TUYA Developer Summit will also be held in major cities across the country and overseas.