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Tyroo and CJ Announce Partnership to Launch Performance Marketing Platform for APAC Region

Leading ad tech platforms join in partnership to offer international tech capabilities with localised solutions for advertisers and supply partners

SINGAPORE, Oct. 3, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Tyroo Technologies and CJ announced a multi-year global expansion partnership in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region. This strategic alliance marks a significant leap for performance marketing in the region, offering CJ and Tyroo customers access to international tech capabilities with localised solutions. With the combined forces of Tyroo Technologies and CJ, clients gain access to inventory from outcome-centric publishers worldwide.

First unveiled at CJ’s annual CJU client event on 12th September 2023 in California (PT), Mayuresh Kshetramade, CEO of CJ, and Siddharth Puri, CEO of Tyroo Technologies, provided their shared vision for the partnership and the future of the Tyroo | CJ performance marketing platform.

Siddharth Puri, CEO of Tyroo Technologies, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “This partnership is driven by our organisational mission of empowering brands in APAC to scale. APAC is at the cusp of becoming the largest digital advertising market, and yet we find a lot of brands struggling to build outcome-based profitable growth channels due to the lack of unified tech and tools to leverage quality publishers. Globally, we found that in over 15% of brand media plans, tech has been deployed to solve for profitable growth via media partnerships. With this alliance, we will aid advertisers in building performance-centric programs with a tech-first approach by leveraging CJ’s technology and methodology in concert with our legacy and deep knowledge of Asia.”

Mayur Kshetramade, CEO of CJ, shared, “Tyroo | CJ is a partnership of trusted market leaders united in a commitment to transform every aspect of performance and partnership marketing across Asia. This unprecedented strategic and commercial collaboration marks a turning point for advertisers, agencies, publishers, and the 4.7 billion consumers across the region. In so many Asian nations, incredible opportunities have emerged in affiliate, influencer marketing, lead generation, shopper marketing, conversion optimisation, and a host of next-gen channels. From this day forward, there’s an integrated solution to unlock the full scope and scale of commerce across Asia.”

With this partnership, advertisers and supply partners in APAC gain access to an enhanced advertising platform called ‘Tyroo | CJ‘ with a monthly reach of over 1 billion shoppers and 14+ billion shopping interactions annually.

Tyroo | CJ capabilities include universal shopper event tracking, integrations with top e-commerce platforms, end-to-end programme management and optimisation toolsets, and actionable insights and data analytics capabilities including incrementality measurement.

Embracing a ‘next-gen’ ethos, Tyroo | CJ will streamline local finance processes, offer localised optimisation solutions, and ensure a smooth and efficient experience for advertisers and publishers seeking to amplify their reach and impact on a global scale. The alliance will synergise the renowned and complementary strengths of CJ and Tyroo. The business will leverage CJ’s industry-leading technology and partnership network, as well as its performance marketing experts, workflows, processes, and operations. Tyroo’s market experience and depth of infrastructure and relationships will drive accelerated customer acquisition and growth across the region.

The formation of Tyroo | CJ creates the most expansive partnerships-based performance marketing network in APAC, reshaping advertising in the region by offering advertisers, agencies, publishers, and marketers unparalleled reach and effectiveness.The business will be headquartered in Singapore and India and launched with expert teams in many locations across Asia.

About Tyroo

Tyroo Technologies, headquartered in Singapore, is a leading APAC-based ad tech platform driving brand growth across the Asia Pacific. They aid businesses in scaling through versatile advertising channels, formats, and audience targeting, utilising efficient no-code and low-code solutions. Tyroo’s data-driven, partner-focused approach has successfully facilitated market entry and growth for brands and global media enterprises throughout APAC. With regional offices strategically placed across the region, Tyroo remains dedicated to propelling the ad tech industry and empowering brand expansion.

About CJ

Founded in Santa Barbara, California, in 1998, CJ (formerly Commission Junction) continues to lead the industry as the largest, most established name in global performance marketing specializing in partnership-based / affiliate marketing technology, platform, and services. They are the platform of choice for driving profitable growth for over 3,800 global brands across all verticals, including retail, travel, finance, and network and home services—our technology powers a partnership ecosystem where over 167,000 publishers and brands engage billions of consumers worldwide.

They leverage unparalleled data, technology, and strategic expertise to bring a truly customer-centric approach to performance marketing. In an industry with much uncharted territory, trust a steady hand.