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University of Technology Sydney (UTS) launches Robotics Institute to lead next-generation robotics research and innovation

The Australian minister for Industry and Science, Ed Husic, officially opens the UTS Robotics Institute.

SYDNEY, Oct. 11, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The University of Technology Sydney (UTS) has launched the Robotics Institute, a cutting-edge research centre at the forefront of robotics research and innovation, led by globally recognised robotics and mechatronics expert Professor Sarath Kodagoda.  

UTS Robotics Institute Director Sarath Kodagoda with Industry and Science Minister Ed Husic. Photo: Oscar Colman Portrait Studio
UTS Robotics Institute Director Sarath Kodagoda with Industry and Science Minister Ed Husic. Photo: Oscar Colman Portrait Studio

The UTS Robotics Institute brings together more than 80 researchers to develop customised robotics solutions for industry, government, and not-for-profit partners in areas such as infrastructure, agriculture, health, manufacturing and defence. 

UTS Vice-Chancellor and President Professor Andrew Parfitt said the launch of the Robotics Institute celebrates a significant milestone in the advancement of robotics at UTS. 

“This has led to genuinely world-class capacity that has made so many contributions both to the science of robotics and to how industry will be able to develop and utilise the next generation of robotics,” said Professor Parfitt.

The event showcased key projects including a groundbreaking robotic solution to maintain the Sydney Harbour Bridge, robots to support NBN’s vast infrastructure, and an innovative partnership with Sydney Water to deliver robotic systems to assess the condition of buried metallic water pipes and concrete sewerage pipes.

Professor Kodagoda, the driving force behind the Robotics Institute, celebrated the numerous achievements stemming from UTS’s Centre for Autonomous Systems – the Institute’s predecessor – including more than 70 research and industry awards, through sustained collaborations with industry.

“Today’s launch event marks our transformation from the Centre for Autonomous Systems to the Robotics Institute, and with this, our commitment to pioneering research, impactful contributions, and a culture of innovation and education,” said Professor Kodagoda.

“Thank you to our team, comprised of world-class researchers who not only publish some of the most highly cited papers but also possess an unwavering drive to challenge convention, and to deliver research that enhances safety, efficiency and sustainability.”

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