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Unveil HOPETREK: Your Specialist in All-scenario, Intelligent Energy Solutions

NEW YORK, Oct. 16, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — HOPETREK, a brand at the intersection of innovation that fuses technology with the renewable energy industry, proudly announces its grand entry into the global market. Unyielding in Hopetrek’s commitment to being the expert in all-scenario intelligent energy solutions, Hopetrek harnesses the power of technology to create energy-centric systems. By exploring and harnessing sustainable energy, Hopetrek transforms it into practical, everyday solutions, infusing vitality and convenience into your life.

With a robust presence across 16 countries, our dedicated teams ensure that Hopetrek’s unparalleled service transcends borders. Driven by innovation, we’re at the forefront of change, with over 50% of our workforce immersed in groundbreaking R&D, backed by significant annual investments. Hopetrek aims to sculpt an intelligent, safe and efficient energy storage system, allowing you to experience the transformative power of clean energy. You can truly feel the magical power of clean energy in daily life and participate in energy-saving practices.

In response to escalating power outages and unpredictable weather, portable power stations are transitioning from backups to necessities. Hopetrek introduces a revolutionary Amazon launch of power stations, ranging from 1000W to 2400W. The EnerCube 1000 (998Wh), which features three 120V AC sine wave outputs, can recharge fully in just 1.7 hours without an adapter, thanks to its cutting-edge two-way inverter technology. It charges effortlessly from wall outlets, solar panels, or cars. Additionally, Smart Car Charging, Intelligent Grid Recognition, and a sturdy “Grip & Go” handle combine for optimal performance and effortless mobility.

EnerCube 2000 (1872Wh) ensures reliability both indoors and outdoors, equipped with a UL-certified LFP battery that boasts a 10-year lifespan. The EnerCube 2000 boasts industry-leading performance and unmatched safety with its 8 self-protection technologies, allows tailored charging speeds through its Smart Speed Selective Charging, and provides real-time insights with a high-resolution LED display showcasing battery and device charge statuses.

The EnerCube 2400(2496Wh) is an all-season, off-grid powerhouse tailored for high demands, offering a robust 2496Wh capacity with 2400W output that supports 99% of appliances, ensures rapid solar charging in just 2.5 hours, and guarantees uninterrupted power with EPS, backed by a 5-year warranty and certified durability after 400 stringent tests, meeting global standards like PSE, UL2743, CE, and CB.

Pair with Hopetrek solar panels for seamless energy, reinforcing true energy autonomy. At Hopetrek, we’re not just envisioning the future; we’re forging a sustainable path forward.