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ViewSonic Announces Finalists for the 4th ColorPro Awards

Artists from 107 Countries Shared 10,925 Artworks to Celebrate their RISE

BREA, Calif., Oct. 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — ViewSonic Corp., a leading global provider of visual solutions, announces the photography and videography finalists for the 4th ColorPro Awards. This year’s theme, ‘RISE,’ has inspired artists from 107 countries, resulting in a remarkable 10,925 submissions. In addition to the online gallery, ViewSonic will host physical exhibitions of shortlisted artwork, commencing in late November in the UK and in December in Vietnam and Taiwan, with plans for expansion to more countries in the near future.

Emphasizing the strength of human resilience and the journey through adversity, ‘RISE’ implores artists to express their perspectives on transformation and ascension. Through the competition, creativity has flourished in various forms, spanning genres such as natural landscapes, social culture, sports competitions, street photography, portraiture, and more.

Oscar Lin, General Manager of ViewSonic’s Monitor Business Unit, expressed his excitement about the remarkable diversity and level of creativity showcased in this year’s submissions. “RISE embodies a transformative force, extending a warm invitation to all creators to embark on journeys of personal growth, life achievements, and resilience alongside us.” He continued, “Entering the 4th year of the ColorPro Awards, we are thrilled to witness the outstanding participation of artists from around the globe, all uniting to channel their creativity into a theme we can all relate to. We firmly believe that ColorPro represents more than just professional monitors for color-critical tasks; it stands as a symbol of the collective voice in the quest for new realms of artistic expression and the relentless pursuit of visual excellence.”

At the close of submissions, artists based in India secured the highest number of entries, closely followed by their counterparts in Vietnam, the USA, Turkey, and the UK. The finalists’ artwork unveiled an array of interpretations that showcased a profound connection to the ‘RISE’ theme. Emphasizing the crucial role an artwork’s narrative plays in the shortlisting process, Tricia Ting, ViewSonic’s Global Creative Director, explained: “In some instances, the images effectively conveyed the essence of ‘RISE,’ while in others, it was the creator’s narrative that bestowed profound significance upon the final visuals.”

Giulia Gartner, renowned photographer and judging panel member from SHOOTERS, remarked, “Participants interpreted RISE in a wide array of ways. Some captured the literal rising of the sun, while others portrayed the metaphorical rises in people’s lives, showcasing a diverse range of emotions and perspectives within the theme.” Submissions were not only diverse in their interpretation of the theme but also in the diversity of locations depicted. Jack Harding, a member of the judging panel and accomplished Commercial Photographer, elaborated, “The locations of the entries were also vast, with many countries and dynamic scenes. From the mountains of Scotland, cities of Japan, and rural villages of Turkey.”

A distinguished panel of internationally acclaimed photographers and videographers from SHOOTERS, PANTONE®, Capture One, Calibrite, and Shoot The Frame will meticulously review the finalist’s submissions, ensuring impartiality and acknowledging excellence in artistic expression. The submitted artwork will be evaluated based on storytelling, aesthetics, creativity, relevance to the theme, and technical execution.

For more details on the ColorPro Awards, please visit the contest website.

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Skilling for the Future, Antonio Aragon Renuncio, Spain