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XCMG Crane: A Powerhouse Performance at 2023 CICA Expo

PERTH, Australia, Oct. 31, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — XCMG Crane showcased its latest crane models specifically designed for the Australian market at the 2023 CICA Expo, held in Perth, Australia, from 26-28 Oct.

2023 CICA Expo: XCMG Crane Shines with Powerful Showcase.
2023 CICA Expo: XCMG Crane Shines with Powerful Showcase.

The featured products, fully adapted to the Australian market, include the XCT25L4_Y truck crane and the XCA40_E and XCA160 all-terrain cranes.

“We’re thrilled to display these cranes at the largest crane exhibition in the southern hemisphere. The models drew widespread attention,” said Stephen Broomfield, XCMG’s Crane Product Sales Manager in Australia. “Unlike the previous edition of the CICA Expo, this year’s event has been a commercial success for XCMG. We introduced three crane products with exceptional performance, strength, and working range that meet Australian customers’ expectations.”

Outfitted with high-reliability components, the XCT25L4_Y truck crane stands out as the star model among XCMG’s exhibited cranes. It’s designed specifically for operations in rainy, hot, and humid environments, making it perfectly suited for urban renovation, transportation, ports, bridges, oil fields, mines, and other challenging operating conditions. With a 34-meter 4-section main boom, an 8.3-meter auxiliary arm, and a 4.2-ton counterweight, the model boasts an impressive lifting capacity.

In addition to the XCT25L4_Y, XCMG showcased two all-terrain cranes, the XCA40_E and the XCA160:

  • XCA40_E, boasting a lifting capacity of 40 tons, is equipped with a 35-meter 4-section main boom. Its all-wheel steering chassis provides exceptional manoeuvrability, demonstrated by a minimum turning diameter of just 9.7 meters. The model benefits from a cutting-edge power platform, centred around a low-speed, high-torque engine and a high-ratio over-speed gearbox. These enhancements translate to robust driving performance, substantial load-bearing capacity, and remarkable stability. Notably, the crane achieves a 12% reduction in driving fuel consumption, a 15% boost in power performance, and a 15% decrease in overall fuel consumption while in operation, striking an optimal balance between power output and fuel efficiency.
  • XCA160 is a formidable 160-ton crane with the distinct honour of having the longest main boom in its class at 65 meters and is highly adaptable for mining operations. The model offers exceptional load-carrying scalability, is perfect for lifting in tight spaces, and can maintain operations in soaring temperatures of up to 50°C. The crane’s single-engine design results in a substantial reduction, over 40%, in annual power system maintenance costs.

The CICA Expo stands as the largest crane exhibition in the southern hemisphere, driving competitiveness, spurring economic and financial growth, and fostering technological innovation within the crane industry. Given its significance, the event serves as an invaluable platform for XCMG to enhance and deepen its brand presence in the Australian market.