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ADA Triumphs with 25 Awards, Including Marketer of The Year at Marketing Excellence Awards Indonesia 2023

JAKARTA, Indonesia, Nov. 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — ADA, Indonesia’s premier integrated growth agency and digital service provider, achieved a victory with an astounding 25 awards, including the coveted Marketer of the Year title, at the Marketing Excellence Awards Indonesia. These wins, consisting of 11 Gold, 8 Silver, and 5 Bronze awards, underscore ADA’s dominant presence in the industry, solidifying their position as a leading force in the Indonesian digital and data landscape.

ADA’s impressive performance at the Marketing Excellence Awards was a testament to their prowess in various categories, spanning data transformation, media, content, and brand excellence, highlighting company’s dedication to delivering tangible business outcomes for their clients with their unique data-driven approach.

The 11 Gold awards celebrated ADA’s collaborations with esteemed brands such as BCA, Toyota, Kopi Kenangan, Sony Pictures Indonesia, BCA Digital, and Matahari. These campaigns showcased ADA’s exceptional success in areas such as consumer insights, market research, content marketing, and personalization, demonstrating the agency’s outstanding capabilities in the area of digital transformation.

Marketer of The Year: ADA’s Remarkable Achievements in Collaboration with BCA

BCA, recognized for its outstanding performance in the marketing arena, received the prestigious Marketer of the Year title with 11 wins, a true testament to their exceptional campaigns and strategies. ADA played a pivotal role in securing this title through several award-winning campaigns that showcased the magic of data-driven marketing.

ADA’s contributions to BCA’s Gold awards particularly in categories such as Anniversary Marketing, Brand Strategy, and Communication/PR, illustrating ADA’s proficiency in crafting effective marketing strategies. Additionally, ADA’s data-driven optimizations played a crucial role in BCA’s Excellence in Content Marketing and TV/Video Advertising, emphasizing the impact of ADA’s expertise.

One of the campaigns The #TolakDenganAnggun has emerged as a powerful force in the fight against financial fraud, weaving together the artistry of storytelling with the celestial influence of Anggun C. Sasmi, BCA, guided by ADA’s visionary strategy, birthed an unprecedented saga. This groundbreaking fraud education campaign not only set industry standards but became a beacon of brilliance.

In the Silver category, ADA’s collaboration with BCA for #TolakDenganAnggun achieved Excellence in Performance Marketing, reinforcing the strength of ADA’s data-driven solutions. BCA’s Bronze awards for Brand Awareness and Event Marketing, with ADA’s involvement, showcased their ability to enhance BCA’s brand presence and create memorable events. BCA’s awards for Marketing to a Specific Audience and Omnichannel further underscore ADA’s skill in tailoring marketing strategies to specific target audiences and delivering a seamless, multi-channel experience.

“This achievement is the result of a fantastic collaboration between our team and ADA Asia. They provided data-driven strategies tailored to our target audience, which significantly boosted public engagement during the event. We are thrilled with the results we achieved together.” said Norisa Saifuddin, Senior Vice President of PT Bank Central Asia Tbk.

ADA’s collaboration with BCA has not only garnered accolades but also driven substantial results.

ADA Triumphs with 25 Awards, Including Marketer of The Year
ADA Triumphs with 25 Awards, Including Marketer of The Year

Driving Real Results for Businesses

What sets ADA apart from the competition is their emphasis on delivering tangible business outcomes for their clients, as demonstrated through collaborations with prominent brands like BCA Digital, Matahari, and Toyota.

For BCA Digital, ADA crafted a comprehensive integrated marketing strategy that harnessed the power of data and technology to create a unique ecosystem, enhancing BCA Digital’s digital presence.

In the case of Matahari, ADA tailored their approach by leveraging deep consumer insights and market research to deploy a customized marketing strategy that resonated with the audience, driving impressive results.”ADA’s programmatic ads for mobile apps have been instrumental in addressing the challenges faced by our customers, such as improving key metrics and driving revenue growth,” says Max Gilang Arifianto, Head of eCommerce Marketing of Matahari.

ADA’s partnership with Toyota exemplifies their commitment to understanding consumer insights through in-depth market research. The “Toyota Lofi Drive Beats” campaign, underpinned by engaging content and multi-channel activation, fostered a stronger connection between Toyota and its customers.

Transforming Data into Impact

With a dynamic multi-faceted approach, ADA’s data transformation, marketing solutions, e-commerce management, and customer engagement services go beyond offerings; they make a real impact.

In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, ADA empowers enterprises to drive growth, enhance customer experiences, and make data-informed decisions that transform their mobile and digital presence. With a strong footprint across Asia, ADA is a partner for success in the digital realm, helping brands navigate the complexities of the modern business landscape with expertise and innovation. 


ADA offers a comprehensive suite of services that empower enterprises and brands to bolster digital marketing, sales transformation, and data transformation across Asia. The company has a multi-faceted, data-driven approach that encompasses: 

  • Data Transformation Services: Drawing expertise from data analytics, data engineering, and Customer Data Platform (CDP) services, ADA helps brands make data-informed decisions, optimize data infrastructure, and manage customer data effectively for personalized and efficient marketing efforts.
  • Marketing Solutions: This entails performance marketing, enabling clients to efficiently target consumers on platforms like social media, native ads, display ads, and search marketing. Additionally, ADA offers creative solutions tailored to boost user engagement and conversion rates. The segment also involves marketing technology transformation, which includes consultation on the implementation of managed services. These services equip brands to deliver outstanding customer experiences using advanced technology platforms.
  • E-commerce Solutions: ADA assists brands with comprehensive store management, ensuring smooth operations on various platforms such as marketplaces, social channels, third-party messaging channels, and proprietary websites.
  • Customer Engagement Solutions: Enterprises leverage these solutions to improve customer support. It facilitates real-time communication with consumers through channels like SMS, WhatsApp, and other popular messaging applications.

 ADA maintains a robust presence in Asia with 12 offices spread across the region and employs approximately 1,400 professionals. The company’s dual headquarters are in Singapore and Malaysia. Notably, ADA’s shareholders include industry giants like Softbank, Axiata, Mitsui, and Sumitomo Corporation.