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Announcing TiDB 7.4: The Best Database Alternative for MySQL 8.0

SINGAPORE, Nov. 1, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — TiDB is an advanced open-source, distributed SQL database that has embraced the MySQL ecosystem since its inception. TiDB is wire compatible with MySQL’s protocol and syntax commands, which means that MySQL clients, MySQL drivers, and some of MySQL’s utilities can run directly on TiDB. For the vast majority of applications running on MySQL, there is little to no code modification required.

Announcing TiDB 7.4
Announcing TiDB 7.4

PingCAP, the innovative developer of leading distributed SQL database solutions, announced the highly anticipated release of TiDB 7.4 today. The latest iteration of its open source, flagship product TiDB 7.4 further reinforces its position as a powerful database solution by extending the MySQL compatibility beyond MySQL 5.7 and embracing many of MySQL 8.0’s standout features. Its enhanced compatibility significantly streamlines the migration process for MySQL 8.0 applications.

MySQL 8.0 not only introduces a slew of exciting features such as window functions, Common Table Expressions (CTEs), and enhanced JSON support but also offers superior performance via refined indexing and optimized query execution.

The following key MySQL 8.0 features are now supported by TiDB 7.4 Development Milestone Release (DMR):

Common Table Expressions

TiDB has supported CTEs (Common Table Expressions) since version v5.0, aligned with the ANSI SQL 99 standard and its recursive syntax. In TiDB 7.4, this compatibility also extends to TiFlash, the columnar storage engine of TiDB.

Window Functions

TiDB 7.4 provides full support for MySQL 8.0’s window functions. Most of these functions can be pushed down to TiFlash. With TiFlash’s architecture tailored for real-time analytics, using window functions in TiDB 7.4 offers users a powerful combination of SQL expressiveness and execution efficiency. 

Resource Management

Effective resource management is crucial in ensuring the optimal performance and stability of large-scale databases. With the introduction of resource management in v7.1, TiDB took significant strides in improving the allocation and utilization of cluster resources. Furthermore, TiDB’s approach to resource isolation provides a robust mechanism to control vital I/O resources. This capability often results in performance enhancements, sometimes even surpassing what’s achievable in MySQL.

Enhanced uft8mb4 Character Set

One of the noteworthy changes in MySQL 8.0 is the transition of the default character set to the all-encompassing utf8mb4. In addition, the default collation is changed to utf8mb4_0900_ai_ci. TiDB 7.4 has added utf8mb4_0900_ai_ci collation to make system migration easier.

TiDB’s dedication to compatibility is evident through its support for the MySQL-compatible variable default_collation_for_utf8mb4. This feature provides the flexibility to adjust the default sorting methodology of the utf8mb4 character set, creating a seamless transition between distinct MySQL versions.

Multi-valued Indexes 

Multi-valued Index in MySQL 8.0 is a powerful feature that redefines how developers index and access JSON arrays. TiDB 7.4 offers full support for Multi-valued Indexes identical to MySQL’s implementation. Key functions like MEMBER OF(), JSON_CONTAINS(), and JSON_OVERLAPS() seamlessly integrate with Multi-value indexes, which greatly simplifies the querying process.

For teams considering migrating to TiDB, this support ensures a hassle-free transition. There’s no need to reconfigure data modeling or adjust applications. Users can retain their existing practices and continue manipulating JSON data with methods they’re accustomed to.

Hint SET_VAR()

SET_VAR () is a versatile hint introduced for fine-tuning the execution of specific SQL statements without affecting global or session variables. TiDB 7.4 supports this hint, which allows users to easily customize system variables for specific SQL statements. This provides granular control, ensuring that changes don’t inadvertently impact other operations.

Migrate to TiDB for a scalable, cloud-native MySQL alternative

By supporting the latest features in MySQL 8.0, TiDB provides users with a comprehensive platform that combines advanced capabilities with familiar functionality. This consistent commitment to compatibility and innovation makes TiDB an appealing choice for organizations looking to leverage the best of both database worlds.

We encourage you to test your MySQL 8.0 workloads with TiDB and let us know if you have any compatibility issues.  To learn about PingCAP’s TiDB and TiDB Cloud, please visit

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