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DHGATE Group Founder Diane Wang Wins SILVER STEVIE® Award for Uplifting Women in Business

NEW YORK, Nov. 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Founder, Chairperson and CEO of DHGATE Group Diane Wang has been named a SILVER STEVIE® WINNER at the 20th annual Stevie® Awards for Women in Business under the “Women Helping Women – Business” category, in recognition of her ongoing efforts to break down barriers in the cross-border e-commerce industry and help women achieve entrepreneurial success.

This is the second consecutive year that Diane has been honored by The Stevie® Awards for Women in Business. Last year, she bagged two SILVER STEVIE® awards as the “Best Female Entrepreneur in Business Services” as well as the “Best Female Entrepreneur in Asia, Australia or New Zealand“.

DHGATE Group Founder Diane Wang Wins SILVER STEVIE® Award for Uplifting Women in Business
DHGATE Group Founder Diane Wang Wins SILVER STEVIE® Award for Uplifting Women in Business

The Stevie® Awards are widely recognized as the world’s top honors for the achievements of women in the workplace, whether they are female entrepreneurs, executives, or employees of well-known household brands or small and medium enterprises just starting out. They are judged by more than 150 Stevie® members across seven judging committees, who evaluate their applications based on their written response and supporting portfolio of work.

“I am truly honored and touched to once again be recognized by the Stevie® Awards for my work as a digital entrepreneur as well as ongoing and new initiatives to help other women achieve the same level of success,” said Diane. “I hope that I can serve as both role model and mentor to the next generation of women, and help them tear down any remaining obstacles and barriers on their entrepreneurship and self-empowerment journey.”

Diane is a well-known figure in the world of digital entrepreneurship as the Founder, Chairperson and CEO of DHGATE Group—one of the world’s largest cross-border e-commerce marketplaces connecting 2.54 million sellers and 59.6 million buyers. The company’s key focus is to accelerate digital transformation for micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) and their partners, while also advocating for global fair trade, diversity and creativity worldwide by these MSMEs around the world with high-quality products.

Under Diane’s leadership, in 2020 DHGATE Group launched MyyShop, a pioneering social commerce platform that empowers influencers and content creators to turn their influence and passion into thriving online businesses through its extensive suite of social commerce tools and resources. An empowering endeavor that speaks to Gen Z and young Millennials, the platform has allowed Diane to reach out to a wider audience of aspiring entrepreneurs particularly women, students, stay-at-home parents, and anyone seeking the flexibility of working from home.

With business successes firmly under her belt, Diane has also helped other women climb the ladder to entrepreneurial success by founding the APEC Women Connect (AWC) international digital entrepreneurship community for women, which has successfully trained over 100,000 women MSMEs and cultivated more than 2,000 women entrepreneurs. In 2020, Diane launched the APEC Women Connect “Her Power” Entrepreneurship Competition to activate women’s passion for entrepreneurship in the digital economy. Each year, the competition draws thousands of international participants to participate in competitive challenges that also teach them skills to boost product sales while increasing social awareness across social media platforms. The 4th edition of the APEC Women Connect “Her Power” Entrepreneurship Competition is currently ongoing. Interested participants can sign up for the competition here and join the community discussion on Discord.

As a global business leader, Diane is continuously exploring new ways to support and empower female entrepreneurs in different stages of their careers and lives. Most recently in 2023, she founded a global community and social enterprise for women called The Inner Mountain Foundation, which is dedicated to empowering women through the power of community. The Foundation fosters a community of like-minded women who can lead, nurture and inspire those around them—starting with themselves—by providing access to various entrepreneurial resources, training, information, and funding for women-owned businesses. Embracing a forward-looking global perspective, Diane plans to establish branches in other major cities around the world after The Inner Mountain Foundation’s initial debut in China and North America. These branches resemble satellites orbiting different trajectories, each having its own unique color while sharing a common mission and vision.

As an awardee of the Stevie® Awards for Women in Business, Diane joins the ranks of other outstanding women around the world and award recipients including Talia Bender, Stevie® “Social Change Maker of the Year – Gender” and President of The Female Quotient; Carolina García Delgado, Stevie® “Most Innovative Woman of the Year – Manufacturing” and Master Inventor at IBM; and Preethika S Kalyanasundaram, Stevie® “Most Innovative Woman of the Year – Industry” and Product Executive at Salesforce.

Championing female empowerment and passionate about driving the digital inclusion agenda for MSMEs and women, Diane additionally serves as an APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC) member, Co-Chair of the B20 Indonesia Women in Business Action Council, member of the World Trade Organization (WTO) Director-General Business Advisory Group, Chair of the APEC Women Leadership Summit, and BRICS Women’s Business Alliance Chinese National Chapter member.

About DHgate

Founded in 2004, DHgate has become the leading B2B cross-border e-commerce marketplace in China, boasting over 34 million live listings annually. Through their global operations and offices, including in the USA and UK, DHgate reaches millions of people with trusted products and services. As of December 31, 2022, DHgate served more than 59.6 million registered buyers from 225 countries and regions, connecting them to over 2.54 million sellers in China and other countries.

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About MyyShop

MyyShop is a pioneering social commerce platform launched by DHGATE Group that provides an effortless selling experience on social media. The platform aims to empower different types of creators—from nano to mega-influencers—to turn their social media influence and passion for content creation into thriving online businesses. Equipped with MyyShop’s social commerce and online store creation toolkit and resources, creators can quickly identify viral or in-demand products, leverage MyyShop’s AI-powered product recommendations based on shoppers’ interests and sales trends, build a customized online shopfront and earn commission through social commerce sales. Creators can also efficiently create their own personalized product lines through MyyShop’s centralized platform and extensive network of verified cross-border suppliers and manufacturers.

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About The Inner Mountain Foundation

The Inner Mountain Foundation promotes the empowerment of women through education, community, and outreach. We are led by our Founder and Chairperson Diane Wang, who first articulated the principles of Inner Mountain Thinking in her 2024 book, The Inner Mountain. As a global foundation and women’s empowerment community, we invest in impact-making educational resources that we seek to make as broadly accessible as possible. Our goal is to focus the work of the Inner Mountain on the soft skills training that we believe helps equip women to be their greatest, most empowered selves across their most wholly integrated life (connecting the self with work, family, community, and legacy).

About APEC Women Connect

Founded in 2016, APEC Women Connect is an APEC-endorsed program initiated by Ms. Diane Wang, the China Representative on the APEC Business Advisory Council, Chair of the APEC Women Leadership Forum, Co-Chair of WiBAC of B20 Indonesia, and Founder, Chairperson and CEO of APEC Women Connect aims to empower women, especially young women, to realize entrepreneurship via digital solutions through inspirational sharing, practical learning, effective recognition, and awards. APEC Women Connect has been included in the annual recommendation to the APEC Economic Leaders for three consecutive years. It has also been included in the annual recommendation to G20 Leaders by B20 for two consecutive years.