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DJI Agras T25 Now Available

TAIPEI, Nov. 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — DJI, the world leader in civilian drones and aerial imaging technology, is excited to announce the launch of the Agras T25, the latest compact farming solution.

DJI Agras T25
DJI Agras T25

This innovative spraying drone is designed to revolutionize precision agriculture, providing farmers with a compact, efficient, and reliable solution to protect and care for their crops. The Agras T25’s cutting-edge technology will empower farmers to optimize their practices, raising standards for agricultural productivity in these countries.

A Compact, Foldable Solution:

The Agras T25 drone is light, nimble, and flexible. Compared to its predecessor, the T20P, T25’s unfolded dimensions have been reduced by 21%. When folded, it’s easily handled and is an excellent agriculture drone for solo operations.

Powerful Performance:

The Agras T25 delivers impressive performance with its overall compact design. Capable of carrying a spraying payload of up to 20 kg or a spreading payload of up to 25 kg, it is the ideal solution for small and medium-sized plots. In its default spraying configuration, Agras T25 can deliver a high-volume of 16 L/min and can cover up to 12 hectares per hour in open field operations.

Moreover, the Agras T25 offers the flexibility of exchanging the spray tank for a granule spreading tank. In this configuration, it can evenly spread granules at a rate of 72 kg/min.

Advanced Spraying and Spreading Technology:

Agras T25 features advanced spraying and spreading technology, ensuring the efficient and precise application of chemicals and granules to protect and nurture crops. Underpinning this is the Agras T25’s Dual Atomized Spraying System and its Dual Impeller Pumps which guarantee fine, uniform spray droplets. Droplet size can be adjusted anywhere between 50-500 μm, depending on the chemicals used. Brand-new Solenoid Valves enable precision starting and stopping, and eliminate leaking.

Agras T25’s spreading system is enhanced with a new spiral channel spinning disk, greatly improving the efficiency and smoothness of the spreading operation. Additionally, the system is compatible with interchangeable hopper gates, allowing for adjustment of the granule flow rate as needed.

Four Spray Nozzles and Forward-Backward Spraying:

Optional installation of two additional spray nozzles enable an increased spray volume of 24 L/min. This is helpful for tree spraying of thick canopies, so you can improve coverage to the tops and bottoms of leaves.

With four spray nozzles, pilots can also enjoy efficient manual spraying of crops and trees by flying forwards, backwards, left, and right, all without having to adjust the drone’s heading. This greatly simplifies manual spraying operation and improves overall efficiency.

Integrated Mapping Solution:

Agras T25 is more than a spraying and spreading crop protection drone. Its integrated high-resolution FPV gimbal camera enables real-time capture of aerial images. Paired with the DJI RC Plus, it can generate high resolution maps of fields and orchards. These maps can be used to plan and execute subsequent automated flight routes.

Safety First:

Agras T25 is equipped with front and rear Active Phased Array Radars and two pairs of Binocular Vision Sensors. Together these advanced sensors enable multidirectional obstacle sensing, automatic obstacle bypassing, and Terrain Following over steep slopes.

Signal Stability:

Agras T25’s new and upgraded quad-antenna O3 Transmission system works even in areas without cellular coverage, offering a transmission range of 2 km. The optional DJI Relay Module can help ensure smooth real-time video transmission for safer flights, even in complex operation scenarios with signal obstructions.

DJI RC Plus:

The DJI RC Plus remote control has a large 7-inch high brightness screen and an 8-core processor for powerful computing power. It offers smart features including Smart Resume, AB Route Saving, field and orchard mapping, and more. These features enhance convenience and efficiency, allowing users to resume operations seamlessly, and plan and save preferred flight routes for future use.

Fast Charging for Fast Turnarounds:

The D6000i Multifunctional Inverter Generator enables flexible battery charging in the field, and offers efficient inversion and rectification for maximal fuel economy. The Agras T25’s DB800 Intelligent Flight Batteries each have an increased capacity to 15.5 Ah, and support ultra-fast charging in 9 minutes. A pair of batteries can enable rapid turnarounds for continuous operations.


The Agras T25 represents the latest in the storied line of Agras drones. To date, in 2023, over 988 million acres (399 hectares) have been treated by DJI Agriculture solutions. The Agras T25 will now further build on the DJI Agras success story.

The Agras T25 is now available. For more information about the Agras T25 and when it will be available in your region, contact your local dealer. To learn more about product features, visit the Agras T25’s website.