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ELEGOO Unveils the OrangeStorm Giga, A Game-Changing 3D Printing Innovation on Kickstarter

Introducing the Future of Large-Format 3D Printing, Allowing Users to Realize Their Biggest Dreams

SHENZHEN, China, Nov. 4, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — ELEGOO, a pioneering force in the 3D printing industry, today announced the upcoming launch of the OrangeStorm Giga on Kickstarter, setting a new standard for large-format 3D printing technology. As the company’s first large FDM industrial printer, the OrangeStorm Giga empowers creators with its remarkable features, including a colossal build volume, lightning-fast printing speed, and a slew of other innovations. The highly-anticipated launch event is scheduled for Saturday, November 4th, at 2:00 PM UTC, offering early-bird pricing starting at $1,250.

“We’re proud to introduce the OrangeStorm Giga, said Chris Hong, the Founder and CEO of ELEGOO. “With its immense size, speed, and versatility, this printer will empower creators to bring their boldest ideas to life, we can’t wait for everyone to experience it.”

Unprecedented Printing Space to Set Your Imagination Free

At the heart of the OrangeStorm Giga is an expansive build volume of 800mm x 800mm x 1000mm. Whether crafting large prototypes, intricate designs, or simply exploring endless possibilities, the OrangeStorm Giga empowers users to think bigger and go beyond the ordinary.

Lightning-Fast Printing Speed Because Time Is of the Essence

Its 64-bit 1.5G clock speed quad-core high-performance processor allows users to print up to six times faster than conventional 3D printers. With a maximum speed of 300mm/s, projects will come to life in record time, without compromising the quality and precision.

Efficiency at Its Best, The Magic of the Heated Bed

The printer’s heated bed comprises four independent PEI magnetic high-temperature platforms. These platforms heat up simultaneously, recognize the model’s placement, and heat independently. This innovation translates to impeccable adhesion, efficient space utilization, energy conservation, and a commitment to protecting the environment.

Multi-Nozzle Printing for Creativity Without Limits

The OrangeStorm Giga supports multi-nozzle printing, allowing up to four nozzles to work simultaneously. This means users can print four identical models or experiment with different colors and materials without worrying about nozzle drips or complications.

Quality Meets Innovation

The OrangeStorm Giga isn’t just about size and speed; it’s packed with additional features, including a silent driver, newly upgraded 300℃ high-temperature nozzle, one-click automatic leveling, filament detection, power loss recovery, portable 7-Inch HD screen, etc.

In addition, the OrangeStorm Giga features an all-in-one body design for quick setup and maintenance, allowing users to avoid the hassles involved with installation. Improving printing stability

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