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‘Elon, Take Us Too!’, XOOX Ad in Times Square Captures Pets’ Space Exploration Dreams, Making Headlines

  • With the Launch of Pet-Exclusive PNS ‘XOOX,’ Unconventional Marketing Strategies Unveiled

NEW YORK, Nov. 15, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — A message expressing pets’ space exploration dreams appeared on the large billboard in New York Times Square.

On November 11th, a video was displayed on the 61-meter-long ‘One Times Square’ screen, showing scenes of SpaceX Starship launch along with the message: ‘Hi, Elon! Let’s send our beloved XOOX pets in the Starship to Mars to make history. Together, we can make this dream come true!’ This message is directed towards Elon Musk, the founder of SpaceX, proposing to take pets on the Starship journey to Mars, aiming to create history together. The video was created on the pet-exclusive pet networking service(PNS) application XOOX, launched globally on the same day, based on a short-form content challenge.

XOOX is an application operated through pet accounts, not human ones. XOOX provides a service function that analyzes the patterns around the eyelids and eyes of pets to register their Face Detection biometric ID and then verify their identification. Pets owning accounts on this app can share their daily lives as the main characters, interact with followers, and even become influencers by participating in various challenges. Kristen Kim, the PR manager at XOOX, explained, “In XOOX, humans are just caretakers (Petlers).” She added, “It’s the world’s first social networking service where pets actively engage as the main users.” Along with its main application based on short-form content challenges, XOOX has introduced various specialized pet applications, including pet-exclusive music, urine diagnostic kits, and games.

Additionally, an application integrating pet DNA and MBTI, based on the release of the pet urine diagnostic kit app in collaboration with Medical Cloud, a global genetic analysis company using NGS technology, is also planned for launch.

Keith Kim, Chairman of the XOOX Foundation, stated, “The number of pets is continually increasing, but related laws are lacking in reality.” He emphasized, “While global unity is challenging due to racial, religious, political, and cultural differences, we can raise our voices together for pets. Through the XOOX Foundation, we will advocate for law reforms alongside pet owners.”

Upon joining XOOX, 1 penny is automatically donated to the foundation. Furthermore, XOOX awards its members with XOOX points. Members can use these points earned by uploading videos, photos, or participating in application challenges.


Contact Person:Kristen Kim