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Empowering a Shared Digital Future: China Telecom Global Radiates Brilliance at Network X 2023

HONG KONG, Nov. 1, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Recently, one of the most significant events of the global communication year — Network X 2023 was held in Paris Expo¬†Porte de Versailles, attracted more than 3,000 attendees from 88 countries. As an important sponsor and exhibitor this year, China Telecom Global Limited (“China Telecom Global”) debuted on the international stage with three major achievements. During the event, leaders from the World Broadband Association (WBBA) and China Telecom Global shared hot topics such as broadband network, infrastructure, cutting-edge technology and digital transformation.

In this exhibition, China Telecom Global took “Empowering a Shared Digital Future” as the theme. Through 3D interactive demonstration, large screen exhibition and other immersive forms, three major capabilities of China Telecom were unveiled, which included Global Infrastructure, Cloud Network Broadband and eSurfing Cloud. During the three days, many visitors from worldwide shuttled around the booth. Via the explanation provided by the presenter, a deeper understanding of China Telecom’s overall strength and solution capabilities was achieved, laying a solid foundation for further collaboration in the future.

WBBA Broadband Development Conference 2023 was held on the first day of Network X. WBBA’s first Board Chairman, former General Manager of China Telecom Li Zhengmao, and Vice President of China Telecommunications Corporation Li Jun made key speeches respectively.

Chairman Li Zhengmao emphasized that the primary objective of WBBA is to foster win-win cooperation, drive innovative development, and bridge the digital divide. Let us work together to achieve the sustainable development goals proposed by the United Nations and the International Telecommunication Union, fully leverage the important role of cloud broadband, and contribute to developing the global digital economy.

Vice President Li Jun highlighted that China Telecom is actively building a new digital information infrastructure, centered around cloud-network integration and characterized by new connectivity, new computility capabilities, new platforms, new security and new sustainability. This robust digital foundation serves as a catalyst for the advancement of new industrialization.

On October 25 and 26, Wu Xiaolei, Executive Vice President of China Telecom Global Limited, along with Charlie Cao from China Telecom Europe Company, presented their remarkable accomplishments and global infrastructure advancements achieved in recent years.

Executive Vice President Wu Xiaolei analyzed the challenges and opportunities faced by telecom operators under the global digital transformation, and shared the digital information infrastructure of China Telecom that spans the world. He stressed that China Telecom will unswervingly implement Cloudification and Digital Transformation Strategy, build a service-oriented, technology-oriented and security-oriented enterprise, and share the achievements of high-quality development with partners and customers around the world.

Charlie Cao highlighted the pivotal role of DICT and cloud technology in modern telecommunications, emphasizing their crucial importance in facilitating digital transformation for enterprises. Charlie Cao stated that China Telecom has always been committed to providing cutting-edge digital solutions for enterprises around the world, and has accumulated a large number of innovative practices and successful cases of overseas cooperation in fields such as data analysis, cloud services, and virtualization technology.

In the future, China Telecom Global will continue to fully leverage its resources and technological advantages, promote the upgrading of its own product capabilities, assist eSurfing Cloud in expanding overseas, and provide new industrial digital solutions, platform capabilities, and product services for domestic and foreign enterprises to expand globally, work together with global partners to create a digital future!