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Enhulk 930 by AiDot Unveils the Ultimate Power in Handheld Leaf Blowers

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 25, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — As the seasons shift and outdoor tasks take precedence, Enhulk by AiDot introduces a game-changing addition to the seasonal toolkit. Meet the Enhulk 930CFM Handheld Leaf Blower, a powerhouse redefining leaf-clearing efficiency.

Enhulk 930 by AiDot Unveils the Ultimate Power in Handheld Leaf Blowers
Enhulk 930 by AiDot Unveils the Ultimate Power in Handheld Leaf Blowers

With an unmatched airflow rate of 930CFM and a powerful 58V battery, the Enhulk 930 delivers superior cleaning efficiency and durability. Designed for comfort and efficiency, it provides up to 120 minutes of uninterrupted cleaning, making it an ideal solution for yard, patio, and driveway maintenance.

“At Enhulk, power is ingrained in our DNA,” says Luke Lin, Chief Executive Officer at AiDot. “The Enhulk 930 is not just a leaf blower; it represents our commitment to continuously challenging the status quo of OPE (outdoor power equipment) industry by offering our users the most efficient and affordable products for their yard maintenance needs.”

Unmatched Airflow Rate: Setting the Standard

The Enhulk 930 stands out with its unmatched 930CFM airflow rate, which is credited to its aviation-level turbine technology and patented siphon nozzle design. The turbine, featuring advanced aerodynamics and robust materials, generates high-speed airflow, enhancing cleaning efficiency and durability. The patented siphon nozzle’s innovative design optimally guides and directs airflow, contributing to the exceptional performance of the Enhulk 930.

58V Battery Pack: Unleashing Nature’s Might

The Enhulk 930 comes equipped with a formidable 58V battery, boasting an impressive 120-minute runtime in variable speed mode on a single charge. Additionally, the battery belongs to the 58V Max Pro series and is interchangeable with other products within the same series, such as string trimmers, chain saws, and more. This functionality offers users extended operational periods and a seamless transition between tools, eliminating the hassle of dealing with multiple batteries.

EZ HMI™ and Ergonomics: Where Convenience Meets Comfort

Beyond its impressive airflow rate and battery performance, the Enhulk 930 ensures a user-friendly and comfortable experience. Users can easily manage the blower with three buttons for variable speed, turbo mode, and cruise control, while staying informed through the smart LED panel. Additionally, they can revel in the ergonomic design that includes a lightweight body, extended handle, and balanced control, providing the ultimate convenience.

Product Specifications:

  • 930 CFM max air volume and 200 MPH max air speed
  • 58V 5.0AH battery, 120 min runtime
  • Variable Speed & Turbo Mode
  • One-click Cruise Control
  • EZ-HMI LED control panel for mode and status
  • COOLBLAST™ System effectively lowers temperatures by as much as 12℉
  • High-power brushless motor
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Low-Noise Design

“At 930 CFMs, the Enhulk is almost unrealistically strong. Even most backpack leaf blowers don’t get up to this level of air volume, so to see this in a handheld blower is absolutely insane.” said Alex Kronk, editor of The Lawn Review

Price and Availability

In response to hot sales since its launch, Enhulk 930 shows appreciation to supporters with the #BeyondBlowing campaign on Amazon. Originally $299.99, an exclusive offer of $189.99, inclusive of the battery pack and charger, is accessible with the code ‘enhulk9d.’

For those seeking a compact solution for smaller yards, the Enhulk 730 proves to be an ideal choice, being 17% lighter than Enhulk 930. This model is conveniently available on both the AiDot website and Amazon, priced at $169.99, inclusive of the battery pack and charger.

About Enhulk:

Enhulk, a brand of AiDot, is a leading innovator in outdoor power tools, offering homeowners the most powerful heavy-duty tools, including a leaf blower, string trimmer, chainsaw, hedge trimmer, lawn mower, and more. Enhulk provides comprehensive solutions that boost productivity, maximize compatibility, and ultimately result in substantial savings.

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