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eSurfing Cloud Launches the WisHub One-Stop Intelligent Computing Service Platform

HONG KONG, Nov. 24, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The Digital Technology Ecosystem Conference 2023 themed “Revitalizing Digital Technology” was held in Guangzhou on November 10. At the conference, eSurfing Cloud released the WisHub one-stop intelligent computing service platform. Hu Zhiqiang, Chairman and General Manager of China Telecom Cloud Technology Co., Ltd., gave the audience more information about this platform.

People witness the quick development of foundation models in 2023. The ever-expanding parameter scale and fast iteration technical roadmap of foundation models drive model capabilities to leap forward. The quick development also brings many challenges to model training and application, such as the increasingly obvious bottleneck in computing power utilization, growing computing power costs, greater difficulties in model building, and more complex model deployment in industries.

Mr. Hu expressed that eSurfing Cloud has built full-stack model-based intelligent computing services to meet new requirements of cloud service providers in the foundation model era. To be specific, eSurfing Cloud has built an Artificial Intelligence Data Center (AIDC), upgraded the Cloud Warrior infrastructure platform, which integrates cloud and AI, launched the WisHub one-stop intelligent computing service platform, and built a cloud model ecosystem. All of them form an intelligent computing service system that integrates cloud and AI.

Intelligent computing infrastructure is the cornerstone of the entire system. To address the heat dissipation issue caused by AI-powered high-intensity computing, eSurfing Cloud has launched the liquid cooling DC module that integrates a customized liquid cooling intelligent computing server, achieving a PUE of 1.12. At the same time, eSurfing Cloud has upgraded the Cloud Warrior Platform to an infrastructure service platform that integrates cloud and AI, and developed high-performance RoCE networks and parallel file storage services. Great efforts have been devoted to improving core capabilities such as training acceleration and network acceleration. The O&M system has also been optimized to support all-round fault prediction and sensing of infrastructure. To support localization, the Cloud Warrior Platform is the first public cloud that loads the RoCE network and home-developed GPU solution, which have been put into commercial use.

Talking about platforms, eSurfing Cloud has released a one-stop intelligent computing service platform, WisHub, towards foundation models. The WisHub Platform summarizes and extracts key processes, complex technologies, and valuable experience during model development and training to build a one-stop pipeline for model production and application. This platform significantly lowers the threshold for model training, fine-tuning, deployment, and inference, and enables customers to focus more on model upgrades and applications.

The WisHub Platform breaks through technical difficulties including operator acceleration, model parallelism, and resumable training, and encapsulates high-performance computing capabilities, distributed computing scheduling capabilities, multi-phase training and inference acceleration technologies, and high-performance data storage technologies. Its core indicators such as stability and training and inference speed are significantly improved.

Based on four platforms on data, model development, model service, and application service, the WisHub Platform provides multiple product function modules, such as data preparation, model development, task management, and model optimization. Each function module contains multi-level components. Functions and components can be flexibly assembled to help users build dedicated tool sets for different scenarios.

With the upgraded infrastructure service platform Cloud Warrior and the intelligent computing service platform WisHub, eSurfing Cloud has provided multiple ecosystem modes for partners including model developers, model providers, application vendors, governments and research institutions, and industry associations.

Relying on the intelligent computing base and unique advantages in security, eSurfing Cloud will closely collaborate with partners in the industry to gather AI chip partners, general foundation model partners, industry model partners, and developers in and outside China to build a prosperous model innovation ecosystem, building advanced intelligent computing productivity and promoting the digital and intelligent transformation of the economy and society in all aspects.