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Forivory launches new industrial 3D printer FT400 – Toolchanger patent application

SEOUL, South Korea, Nov. 16, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — 3D printing company ‘Forivory’, a brand of Jelect, held a product launch event at its headquarters (Seoul) with its distributor 3Dcloud in October 25th. Freshly-established company Forivory’s representative said, “We were able to see the positive response from company officials and customers in the Korean market.”

At this event, Forivory announced the launching of its first product FT400 and supplied it to the market through local distributor 3Dcloud. The first impression of the launched product is the excellent built quality by utilizing acrylic exterior and CNC machining manufacturing process. Inspired by the idea that the advent of plastic injection technology has replaced elephant ivory – the first natural plastic raw material, the brand name Forivory was launched to introduce advanced 3D technology in modern civilization.

R&D Team divided the basic elements that a 3D printer must have, which are ‘high performance, high efficiency, stability’ and developed their products based on these pillars. In particular, Forivory’s XTC (X-axis gantry toolchanger) technology solves the problem of “slow output speed due to large and heavy head” that other multi-nozzle 3D printer manufacturers on the market are facing.

The company proudly presented the ‘high-performance’ FT400, adopting toolchanger technology for high-speed printing of heterogeneous materials. With Planetary Gear, the extruder has an excellent gear ratio of 5:1 while weighing over 40% lighter than the existing one. Moreover, unlike the magnetic method, the extruder can be quickly replaced through latches on the left and right sides of the X-axis.

By applying this technology, travel distance and unnecessary movements have been minimized, and the CoreXY structure is ideal for high-speed operation compared to the previous IDEX method.

Furthermore, with a large build volume (400*400*600), FT400 can print most human applications such as helmets and thigh sockets and meet the requirements of various users. FT400 is a smart choice that can be applied ‘efficiently’ to a variety of applications.

For stable output even in large volumes, instead of the existing top-down method, the bottom-up technology is utilized as XY gantry moves up and down along with a high-performance ball screw. This improves the quality of the bottom and top layers without any errors such as bed sagging.

Users no longer need to perform manual or semi-auto levelling. Full-auto Levelling is now available by controlling the Z-axis with 4 motors.

In addition, flow rate control and inertia have been minimized through the ‘pressure advance’ using a ‘vision sensor system’ and the ‘input shape’ function of high-performance 32-bit firmware, with excellent output quality.

Forivory aims to always maintain consistent output quality even in South Korea’s 3D printing environment, which has four seasons with deluge and heavy snowfall. To this end, it is equipped with an ‘Active-heated chamber system’ and can guarantee ‘stable’ 3D printing quality for users anywhere in the world.

Maker Station software allows monitoring. In case of a printing error, a notification will be sent to the user via mobile phone. The device can be controlled externally with the functions being improved continuously through firmware updates.

Besides, the device’s smart cabinet can accommodate four filaments (1 kilogram each). The extra filament is automatically provided through the supply device when the stored filament runs out. The UPS function provides backup for power outages, ensuring stable and continuous performance.

Along with the currently available PLA PETG, TPU, and PP, the device is capable of printing engineering plastics such as PC, ABS, Carbon, and Nylon.

Forivory official stated, “The plan is to start the distribution to the Korean market through this event and online recruitment of overseas and local partners ( while preparing for oversea delivery after participating in SIMTOS in April 2024.”


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