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From Nobody to Immortal! Idle Cultivation RPG “Nobody’s Adventure: Chop-Chop” Officially Launches Today

WASHINGTON, Nov. 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Embark on a whimsical journey with the idle cultivation RPG, Nobody’s Adventure: Chop-Chop, officially available on both the App Store and Google Play starting November 21st! This unique game features stylized creatures from Chinese mythology, allowing players to step into the shoes of these quirky and fun-loving beings. All it takes is a bit of tree-chopping to collect magical gear, boost your powers, and effortlessly ascend to immortality!

  • Choose Your Character and Embark on an Epic Quest

Start your adventure by selecting your very own character – whether it’s the delightfully goofy piglet, the hopeful fish dreaming of grandeur, or the cool and collected fledgling! Despite their unassuming appearances, these creatures are fueled by dreams achieving immortality. Join them on an extraordinary journey through a world filled with enchanting adventures!

  • Master Divine Powers, Collect Treasures, and Dive into Epic Duels!

Equip yourself with divine loot obtained by chopping at the Divine Tree! Engage in exciting gameplay with modes such as “Adventure” and “Challenge,” where you can go head-to-head with various formidable foes. Use your divine equipment to unleash formidable powers upon your foes and take down mythical beasts with ease. And if you’d rather take a hands-off approach, you can also have the game automatically resolve combat for you, making multitasking effortless!

  • Explore a Mysterious Realm and Forge Unforgettable Bonds

The path to immortality doesn’t have to be a solitary one!

During the course of your travels, you will journey through dozens of mystical realms, such as Qingqiu, Tianzhu, and Canglang Mountain, where you will encounter a vast number of captivating beings. Immerse yourself in breathtaking scenery, enhance your combat skills, and ascend to new heights alongside your delightful companions.

  • Enjoy 7 Days of Rewards and Summon SSR Genie for Free!

To celebrate the game’s official launch, 37GAMES has prepared some exciting in-game surprises for you. Complete the 7-day sign-in tasks to score valuable in-game items. Plus, by participating in the event, you can also unlock an SSR-grade genie for free, whether it’s the elusive Nine-Tails Fox or the formidable Chaos Wolf. These ancient mythical creatures will give you a powerful head start, making clearing the initial adventure stages a breeze!

Take a swing at the Divine Tree and journey toward immortality! Nobody’s Adventure: Chop-Chop is officially launching today! Stay tuned to its official Facebook page for the latest updates on in-game news and events!


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