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FundPark Officially Announced as the First Approved Walmart Marketplace Funding Solution Provider in Asia

HONG KONG, Nov. 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Leading Asian fintech platform, FundPark is collaborating with Walmart Marketplace to provide financing solutions to Walmart Marketplace retailers globally.

As the rapid development of Warmart Marketplace retailers continues, FundPark can help accelerate the growth of these retailers by leveraging its proprietary credit model to provide working capital in synch with their dynamic needs.

In relation to the technological design and business integration of this solution, both parties have invested a lot of time and effort. The focus of this solution is to help Marketplace retailers acquire up to 10 million U.S. dollars of working capital supporting with the seamless online application process. This proves that FundPark’s financial strength and capacity are industry-leading and it can perfectly meet the needs of the retailers.

Why does this funding solution provided by FundPark matter to Walmart Marketplace retailers? During the trial run of this solution, FundPark helped several Walmart Marketplace retailers improve their cash-flow. One of the cases is, a seller with an annual sale of 1 million participated the trial has achieved 80% improvement on their capital efficiency. At the same time, it helped the seller to realize its cash and asset management, which not only brought in funds, but also brought in a compliant fund management plan, which significantly improved the competitiveness and profit margin of the seller.

Bear Huo, General Manager of FundPark China, said: “FundPark will continue to launch more value-added services to facilitate the business growth for Walmart Marketplace retailers such as virtual credit card service for paying advertising and marketing fee and financing solution that helps seller release the stress of purchase inventory.”

Based on the proprietary risk assessment model developed by FundPark, it can quickly and effectively evaluate the corporate and financial status of seller, and the funds can be disbursed within one working day, so that seller can acquire funds faster and be able to sustain their business growth.

–About FundPark Limited

Founded in 2016, FundPark is a preeminent Asia-based e-Commerce liquidity solution and technology provider committed to leveraging innovative financial technologies to create simple and efficient products and services that provide digital SMEs with one-stop financing solutions with the goal of enhancing working capital efficiency.

Furthermore, FundPark’s excellence on asset evaluation and risk control are favored and recognized by well-known global investment banks.

On April 20, 2022, FundPark announced the largest ABS funding structure  in Asia for e-Commerce of 250 million US dollars led by an internationally renowned investment bank from the US. 

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