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HGC Commits to Cooperate with Government Measures in Hong Kong’s 2023 Policy Address – Greater Bay Area Integration, Digital Transformation, International Gateway and Talent Acquisition

HONG KONG, Nov. 3, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — HGC Global Communications Limited (“HGC”) hosted press conference and luncheon regarding those addressed measures which related to innovation and technology as well as the telecommunications industry in Hong Kong 2023 Policy Address. HGC representatives, including Andrew Kwok, CEO of HGC, Alvin Wong, Chief Operating Officer – ICT Business, Solutions and Product, Loren Fung, Vice President – Group ICT Business and Cliff Tam, Senior Vice President – Global Data Strategy & Operations, International Business, also shared their insights and recommendations in response to the industry’s development and needs.

Here are key messages that shared by management team during the event:

1. Greater-Bay Area Integration

  • The Policy Address proposes a deeper integration with the Greater Bay Area (“GBA”) in urban planning, which is expected to provide more cross-border business opportunities for Hong Kong enterprises to explore the GBA market. Meanwhile, it will also attract more GBA enterprises to develop in Hong Kong, deepening inter-exchange between the two regions
  • HGC has been committed to participating in building IT infrastructure in GBA, e.g. HGC is keen to build the IT infrastructure in Hong Kong-Shenzhen Innovation and Technology Park in the Loop, and increase the investment in building IT infrastructure in Northern Metropolis
  • HGC has set up its GBA headquarters in Guangzhou early this year, bringing together nearly 200 technology professionals from the communications and IT sectors, dedicated to supporting the business development of Hong Kong and GBA enterprises

2. Digital Transformation

  • HGC welcomes the Policy Address’s commitment to promoting digitalisation and the development of the digital economy. This includes the Digital Transformation Support Pilot Programme which aims to assist SMEs in applying ready-to-use basic digital solutions, thus facilitating their digitalisation
  • HGC believes that IT infrastructure is one of the key foundations to achieve digital transformation, thus investment in local and international fibre networks is crucial for driving the ICT development in Hong Kong
  • HGC recommends that the government should offer more support for the industry in building an extensive fibre network to connect Hong Kong with the rest of the world given Hong Kong contains mixed-blood advantage (mixture of Chinese and Western technologies)

3. International Gateway

  • The Policy Address emphasizes Hong Kong has the distinctive advantages of enjoying strong support of the Motherland and being closely connected to the world. Hong Kong has always played a pivotal role in connecting the world with submarine cables serving as a vital infrastructure for ensuring telecommunications and power transmission
  • Hong Kong has long been a telecommunications hub since 1871, the first launch of submarine cable in Asia. However, with increasing international competition, Hong Kong targets to have total 17 submarine cables while 17 in Philippines and 33 in Singapore in 3 years. Hong Kong should stay alert and continue to accelerate its development to avoid being overtaken by other countries or regions
  • HGC will continue to leverage its technological expertise bridging the Eastern and Western worlds. HGC has utilized capacities in 38 cable systems connecting 5 continents; has set up 36 Points of Presence (PoPs) globally; has connected 130+ countries providing telecom & ICT services; has launched 20 offices worldwide; Internet Exchange (AMS-IX) including Hong Kong, Singapore, Bay area, Chicago, Bangkok, Manila

4. Talent Acquisition

  • Policy Address emphasized the Government will endeavour to trawl for and retain talents by establishing the physical office of the Hong Kong Talent Engage and will organise Talent Development Conference to promote regional exchange and co-operation in talent attraction
  • HGC recommends that the Government should launch more measures to ease the mid-term and short-term problems, such as shorten and further simplify working visa approval processes for overseas talents
  • HGC focuses on nurturing the local new generation to sustain the future development of Hong Kong. HGC is committed to nurturing talents especially in local ICT industry, such as provide trainings and internship opportunities for students from local universities and the Vocational Training Council (VTC). Meanwhile, HGC invests over millions dollars to offer on-the-job training opportunities for employees, has trained at least 300 certificated engineers annually

HGC, as one of the top IT solutions and telecommunication company in Hong Kong, will continue to keep close communication with the Government and leverage its strengths in ICT and telecom business, in order to assist Hong Kong in consolidating its positions as a telecommunications hub and international innovation and technology center.

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