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Innovation Driving China Experience Going Global with Amazon Web Services

BEIJING, Nov. 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The convening of the third Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation marks China and the global community are entering a new era of mutual development, with globalization as a shared vision among Chinese enterprises. Recently, a documentary titled “Shielding China Power to Go Global” was broadcast across new media platforms of China Central Television (CCTV), which highlighted the thriving story of Chinese enterprises on the global stage.

Manufacturing companies have been the pioneers of China power entering the global market. With years of preparation, SAIC Motor and Midea Group stand out among numerous players for conveying the “China experience” to the world. Specifically, they have analyzed consumers’ preferences and cultural traits in various overseas markets, developing tailored strategies to meet local needs.

In the era of intelligent vehicles, SAIC Motor’s global expansion spans over 80 countries, including India, Europe, and Southeast Asia. SAIC Motor’s overseas entity constructs the i-SMART intelligent networking platform to customize its development for various market requirements. While building the platform, SAIC Motor’s overseas entity uses the instances from AWS to deploy large language models, applying the powerful computing and graphics processing capabilities of AWS. Also, SAIC Motor’s overseas entity leverages Amazon’s global resources such as Amazon Alexa and Amazon Music to improve human-vehicle interaction for a superior driving experience.

Consumers of home appliance products place a high value on their user experience. Midea operates globally, serving approximately 500 million users across more than 200 countries and regions. To enhance customer service, Midea aims to establish a global, industry-standard customer call center. Midea has accelerated the integration of Amazon Connect, a contact center as a service (CCaS) solution, to build a global after-sale service system, resulting in a significant reduction in overall operational costs. For instance, Midea’s call center in Italy has reduced 30% of operational costs over three months. Furthermore, Amazon Connect, equipped with AI ability, supports Midea with features such as a chatbot, linguistic analytics, and knowledge base searching; thereby, enhancing Midea’s service levels.

AWS has global infrastructure for any business to establish a global footprint, global best practices to benefit local customers, and unmatched breadth and depth of services and features. The collaboration with SAIC Motor’s overseas entity and Midea sets a precedent for companies going global: choosing a reliable cloud offering is particularly important.