Friday, July 19, 2024
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JIGOO Unveils P300: An Ultimate Grooming Vacuum for Pets to Enjoy a Salon-Like Experience at Home

A brand renowned for its achievements in the smart anti-mite field, today presents its latest innovative product – the P300. It’s an all-in-one pet grooming vacuum kit crafted for pet enthusiasts, empowering them to get rid of the frustration of dealing with floating and scattered pet hair on the floor, offering a clean and tidy grooming experience for their feline and canine friends.

JIGOO P300 Pet Grooming Vacuum Cleaner
JIGOO P300 Pet Grooming Vacuum Cleaner

Members of JIGOO product development team have stated that the introduction of the P300 is geared towards the following key enhancements:

  1. By integrating all grooming, trimming, and blow-drying tools into the P300, pet owners can save both time and money, as they no longer need to frequently visit pet grooming services.
  2. The issue of pet hair shedding has always been a concern for pet owners and has made home cleaning a daunting task. The P300 goes beyond grooming and trimming to conveniently vacuum up loose and trimmed fur, sparing the need for a second cleaning round.
  3. With its warm air feature, the P300 accelerates pet fur drying, which is especially valuable for pet owners with long-haired or thick-furred pets.

To mark the initial release of this innovative product, the JIGOO team is offering a preferential price on amazon US and EU,,, and, all coming with a warranty of at least one year and fair refund and return policies. Additionally, they’re preparing for Black Friday with more generous discounts, in line with the brand’s commitment to affordability.