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‘K-Pop Dance AI Platform’ STEPIN Surpasses 200,000 Downloads

  • Achieved a milestone of 135,000 member sign-ups and 280,000 dance gameplays
  • Real-time battle and Random Play Dance features set to launch by the end of this year

SEOUL, South Korea, Nov. 30, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Sidewalk Entertainment, an AI startup company based in Seoul, South Korea, announced on October 30 that their global K-Pop Dance AI Platform, STEPIN, has gone beyond 200,000 downloads.

STEPIN is a K-Pop dance app that utilizes real-time motion tracking AI technology. After its full-fledged launch campaign commenced on October 10, the number of downloads exceeded 200,000 by October 29. Moreover, 135,000 member registrations were recorded, accounting for 68% of the download count, indicating rapid growth.

Additionally, the number of dance gameplays has exceeded 280,000, clearly demonstrating active user participation beyond mere app installation. This affirms the global interest in K-Pop dance as well as STEPIN’s potential for growth.

STEPIN has generated a buzz within the international K-Pop dance communities embraced by K-Pop Fandoms, gaining significant popularity in Indonesia, the Philippines, and the United States. Its popularity is substantially thriving in the U.S., with consistently high usage among local users.

STEPIN is an app developed with AI technology that enables users to easily learn and enjoy K-pop dances anywhere and anytime. Its features include dance practice, score evaluation and motion analysis replay. The app currently offers two gameplay modes: Practice, for dance learning, and Challenge, for score evaluation. However, large-scale updates are scheduled to be implemented by the end of this year, including the addition of Random Play Dance and Real-time Dance Battle. With these new features complementing the already popular functions, users will enjoy an even wider range of K-Pop dance content on the app.

Kibong Kook, CEO of Sidewalk Entertainment and a first-generation professional gamer, remarked that, “Sidewalk’s real-time motion tracking AI technology precisely tracks and evaluates human movements using only a smartphone without any additional equipment. We are currently preparing new features, such as Random Play Dance and Real-time Battles, to create a new online gaming culture for the global K-pop fandom.”

Furthermore, coinciding with the year-end festivities, the app intends to launch a massive friend invitation event for users to enjoy delightful moments with family and friends while using STEPIN.

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