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King Steel Launches “Paramania”, Material Efficiency Platform Delivering Faster Customization for Shoe Manufacturing Customers and Beyond

The platform enables the rapid compilation and access of material parameters, allowing for quicker decision-making and enhanced operational efficiency—expediting the initial stages of customized shoe production

TAIPEI, Nov. 1, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — King Steel, a global leader in shoe machinery manufacturing, is proud to announce the upcoming launch of the groundbreaking Paramania platform, designed to revolutionize the shoe manufacturing industry. In response to the industry’s challenges and set to debut in early November, the platform eliminates the need for manual testing and reliance on data sheets to determine the right parameters for different materials before manufacturing. It is poised to redefine how customers and brands operate and work with different materials in an energy-efficient manner.

NexCell Paramania
NexCell Paramania

“Paramania represents a significant leap forward for the industry, providing unprecedented time-saving benefits to our customers and partners via an easy-to-access online platform that compiles material parameters with material suppliers in a single data ‘Library’. Under the indication of Processor Haim Mendelson of the Business Model Analysis and design program in Stanford I was inspired to create this platform ” said Jim Chen, CEO at King Steel.

Efficiency Redefined

By streamlining the process of finding and adjusting parameters for various materials and shapes, the platform significantly reduces the time required for material testing and selection, bringing unparalleled time-saving benefits. Customers and renowned brands will now have a swift and efficient solution at their fingertips. The platform’s advanced capabilities enable the rapid compilation and access of material parameters, allowing for quicker decision-making and enhanced operational efficiency.

Strategic Advantages

King Steel’s platform isn’t just a tool; it’s a strategic advantage for brands and customers in the industry. By providing a seamless solution to material selection and parameter adjustment, the platform empowers businesses to stay competitive and surpass their rivals in the ever-evolving landscape of shoe manufacturing.

A Commitment to Innovation

As part of its ongoing commitment to innovation, King Steel plans to introduce a user sign-up form on its website, granting users a unique identifier for easy access to the platform. The company envisions expanding its reach beyond the shoe manufacturing sector and is gearing up for the launch of a cloud-based database, further solidifying its position as a trailblazer in sustainable manufacturing and innovative material efficiency solutions.


The platform is available for pre-order starting now, with the official launch scheduled for Mid of Nov, 2023. King Steel invites industry professionals, customers, and brands to embrace this transformative tool and experience a new era of efficiency in material management.

About King Steel

King Steel is a leading shoe machinery manufacturer dedicated to pushing the boundaries of innovation in the manufacturing industry. With a commitment to sustainability and efficiency, King Steel continues to pioneer solutions that empower businesses to thrive in a dynamic marketplace.