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Lumotive Extends Global Reach, Announces New Sales and Distribution Partners Worldwide

Optical semiconductor leader accelerates adoption of LM10 with expanded partner ecosystem

SEATTLE, Nov. 30, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Optical semiconductor pioneer Lumotive today announced a significant expansion of its global partner network, further accelerating worldwide adoption of the company’s revolutionary Light Control Metasurface (LCM) technology into China, South Korea, and Europe. This milestone follows the successful launch of LM10, the world’s first commercially available digital beam steering solution for 3D sensing applications. With the addition of three new global sales and distribution partners, Macnica Cytech, Uniquest and Redtree Solutions, Lumotive strengthens its ability to make the LM10 rapidly available to customers across diverse regions and sectors, supporting integration into a wide range of real-world applications.

Lumotive’s LM10 chip represents a giant leap forward for 3D sensing technology. It overcomes the limitations of traditional lidar systems with superior cost, size and reliability compared to mechanical approaches. As a pure solid-state optical semiconductor chip that can be mass manufactured, the LM10 enables the next generation of lidar to expand into new frontiers, becoming the pervasive standard for intelligent 3D sensing worldwide. With its precise digital beam steering and compact form factor, the LM10 unlocks cutting-edge capabilities in sectors ranging from autonomous vehicles to industrial automation, AR/VR, and consumer electronics.

The addition of new sales and distribution partners significantly expands Lumotive’s reach in key regions like China, South Korea, and Europe, where demand for next-generation 3D sensing solutions is soaring. These partners possess extensive networks and deep expertise that will accelerate the integration of LM10 by module makers and device manufacturers across multiple industries. Specifically, they provide Lumotive with better access to rapidly growing overseas markets, strong relationships with local electronics manufacturers, and the ability to devise tailored solutions meeting region-specific needs. They also facilitate supply chain efficiency for global delivery of the LM10, while offering localized technical training and support worldwide. With each of their specialized infrastructure and operational capabilities, these partners will be pivotal in growing LM10 into the premier beam steering component of choice for 3D sensing applications around the globe.

“With the LM10 proving its unmatched capabilities for precise, reliable 3D sensing, our priority now is to ensure its availability worldwide,” said Sam Heidari, CEO of Lumotive. “Our expanded partner network propels this mission, allowing us to provide an unmatched level of sales and technical support globally. We’re proud to collaborate with these industry-leading companies as we drive mass adoption of LCM technology across industrial, consumer, and mobility sectors.”

Horace Lai, Macnica Cytech CMO (Asia Pacific): 
“We at Macnica are thrilled to bring Lumotive’s innovative LM10 chip to the dynamic and rapidly advancing Chinese market where the LM10’s cutting-edge beam steering capabilities will be a cornerstone in a multitude of sectors, from autonomous vehicles to smart cities. Our partnership with Lumotive is well poised for China’s rapidly-expanding 3D sensing market, and we are excited to facilitate the next wave of technological advancement for our Chinese lidar customers.”

Jean-Marie Houillon, Redtree Solutions VP Strategic Marketing & Alliances 
“As Redtree Solutions builds this partnership with Lumotive across EMEA, we are particularly excited about the opportunities that the LM10 chip presents for the European 3D sensing market. The LM10’s exceptional performance and efficiency align perfectly with Europe’s strategic initiatives in automated mobility, industrial automation, and environmental monitoring.”

Andrew Kim, Uniquest CEO: 
“Uniquest is honored to partner with Lumotive, a company that’s redefining the landscape of optical semiconductors. LM10’s advanced capabilities in powering 3D sensing applications are set to enhance industries that are central to South Korea’s economy, such as consumer electronics, automotive, industrial and robotics. We are confident that this partnership will not only contribute to the success of the LM10 but also bolster the continued growth and technology leadership within South Korea’s vibrant tech sector.”

About Lumotive
Lumotive’s award-winning optical semiconductor solutions enable advanced sensing and perception capabilities in next-generation consumer, mobility, and industrial automation products such as mobile devices, autonomous vehicles, and robots.  The company’s patented Light Control Metasurface (LCM™) beam steering chips deliver an unparalleled combination of high performance, exceptional reliability, and low cost — all in a tiny, easily integrated solution. Lumotive has received measurable industry acclaim including Fierce Electronics’ 2021 Startup of the Year award, two CES 2022 Innovation Awards, a 2022 SPIE PRISM Award, and a prestigious Edison Award. Investors include Gates Frontier, MetaVC Partners, Quan Funds, Samsung Ventures, and Uniquest.

About Macnica Cytech
Macnica Cytech Limited was established in 1998, which is one of the fastest growing distributors of electronic components in Asia region. Headquartered in Hong Kong, it has more than 30 regional offices or contact points, spread across China and Pan-Asia regions. Macnica Cytech specializes in technical support, demand creation as well as meeting global supply. The Company’s objective is to provide high quality and up-to-the-minute specialized technology that satisfies every customer’s requirements.

Macnica Cytech works closely with international high-end semiconductor brands and understands the trend of technology industry, bringing high-quality products and the latest technological information to customers.

Macnica Cytech possesses an experienced R&D team that developed various solutions and modules to cope with different needs of customers. Besides, our professional engineers are in close contact with customers to provide them with reliable technical support.
Macnica Cytech Limited joined MACNICA, Inc. in 2008. MACNICA, Inc. was founded in 1972 in Japan. Throughout the decades, the group has developed its branches globally, i.e.Asia, Europe, North America and South America.

About Redtree Solutions
The largest pan-European manufacturer’s representative company, with a focus on demand creation at tier 1 and strategic tier 2 accounts. Founded in January 2006, with 49 people speaking local languages, the company has offices in every major electronics territory in Europe; including UK, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway, France, Italy, Germany, Israel, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain and Turkey. It serves the Automotive, Industrial, Telecom, Consumer and Storage marketplaces in Europe and has established links with manufacturing/ODM partners in Asia/Pac and the America’s.

About Uniquest
Founded in 1993, Uniquest Corporation is a preeminent distributor in the electronic components industry in Korea. Partnering with global leading semiconductor innovators, Uniquest has been contributing to the Korea semiconductor market growth. Acclaimed for bringing advanced solutions to the market, Uniquest is recognized as a solution provider of satisfying emerging market demands and customer requirements.