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Openverse jointly organized International Conference on Computing in Astronomy

Announcing the establishment of intouchable® in Zhejiang Lab

HANGZHOU, China, Nov. 9, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — November 7, 2023, the International Conference on Computing in Astronomy was successfully concluded at Zhejiang Laboratory. This conference was initiated by Zhejiang Laboratory and the Chinese Astronomical Society and jointly organized by Openverse, a global IP development company. This innovative “curated scientific research conference” gathered scientists from many disciplines worldwide to discuss computational astronomy challenges and share the research progress.

There are workshops from astrophysicist Mr Matthew Bailes, academician Mr Wang Jian, National Astronomical Observatory researcher Mr Liu Chao and many other scientists.

At the conference, “Seeing 28 Exhibition” curated by Openverse, showed the impressive beauty of the science and art combination by comparing the astronomical observations results of current scientists with those of ancient Chinese researchers.

At the conference, the academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences Mr Aleksandr Raikov praised the exhibition: “I once asked designers to visualize my scientific research results, but it was difficult.”, he added, “Here I see that the integration of science and art, which is more favorable to everyone’s understanding of science.”

At the end of the conference, Zhejiang Lab and Openverse officially announced the joint establishment of the “intouchable® in Zhejiang Lab.” As Smart IP Maker, Openverse’s Big Science and Art Studio intouchable® focuses on the incubation of science-related IPs. Its ‘M87 Black Hole Model’ collaborated with Dr. Cui Yuzhu, was published in <Nature>. Openverse sold ten thousand digital collectibles on the Whale Explorer platform within one second.

Co-founder of Openverse and digital designer Mr Deng Mingyue, also named Budda said humorously and proudly: “We hope to become the soul painter for scientists, so that no scientists are scratching their heads to draw pictures. We want to make science popular!”

Openverse co-founder and digital designer Budda gave a speech at conference by announcing the "intouchable® in Zhejiang Lab"
Openverse co-founder and digital designer Budda gave a speech at conference by announcing the “intouchable® in Zhejiang Lab”

OPENVERSE is a global intellectual property development company, also named Smart IP Maker, providing “AI generated IP Service” by cultivating cutting-edge IPs spanning across various domains, including science, fashion, entertainment etc.

OPENVERSE’s independent Big Science and Art Studio intouchable® initiated the concept of “Big Science Art”,focusing on incubation of science-related IPs. intouchable® has established an efficient and scalable creative system enabling scientific research results visualization to promote directly scientific dissemination to public.