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RayNeo Air 2 Becomes No. 1 Best-selling Smart Glasses on Amazon US

IRVINE, Calif., Nov. 10, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — RayNeo™, an industry leader in consumer-grade augmented reality (AR) innovation, today announced that its latest RayNeo Air 2 XR glasses have claimed the #1 Best Seller spot in the Smart Glasses category on Amazon US. The success came just six hours following the RayNeo Air 2’s launch on Amazon on November 8th, and after the glasses topped Amazon’s New Releases in Smart Glasses list.

RayNeo Air 2 Hits #1 Best Seller in Smart Glasses on Amazon
RayNeo Air 2 Hits #1 Best Seller in Smart Glasses on Amazon

The RayNeo Air 2 is a type of ultra-lightweight XR glasses designed to revolutionize user experiences of wearable displays. Utilizing Sony’s latest 0.55-inch Micro OLED panels, the glasses achieve ultra-vivid visuals through a wide 46° FOV, an outstanding 49 pixels-per-degree (PPD) clarity as well as a leading 600 nits of brightness. For the first time in the industry, these glasses offer innovative color adjustment setups, allowing users to create their match of display saturation, temperature, and color tone. An equivalent 201-inch virtual screen at six meters away brings a cinematic feel to users at any place, in any position, while its blazing-fast 120Hz refresh rate creates silky-smooth gaming journeys for console lovers.

Meticulously packed in a lightweight 76-gram body, the RayNeo Air 2 presents an ultra-comfortable, personalized touch for XR wearers. Its optimized 4:6 weight distribution ratio minimizes pressures on the nose, ensuring extended comfort. Nine sets of distinct wearing options cater to various face shapes, thanks to the highly adjustable temples and feather-like air-cushioned nose pads.

The RayNeo Air 2 is compatible with a wide range of smartphones, PCs and game consoles that support DisplayPort over USB-C. Moreover, the glasses can be paired with the JoyDock, the first-of-its-kind, versatile accessory tailored-made for the Nintendo Switch, to turn your Switch into an immersive giant-screen gaming hub on the go.

The RayNeo Air 2 is now available on the RayNeo Amazon US store at a recommended retailer price (RRP) of $379. The glasses will also be available through RayNeo’s regional channels and authorized retail partner stores. The JoyDock is expected to be on sale on Amazon US in the first half of December 2023, at the RRP of $99.

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About RayNeo
RayNeo™, incubated by TCL Electronics (1070.HK), is an industry leader in consumer-grade AR innovation, developing some of the world’s most revolutionary AR consumer hardware, software, and applications. RayNeo specializes in the research and development of AR technologies with industry-leading optics, display, algorithm, and device manufacturing.

Established in 2021, RayNeo has launched the world’s first full-color Micro-LED optical waveguide AR glasses, achieving several technology breakthroughs in the industry. Alongside winning the “Best Connected Consumer Device” at MWC’s Global Mobile Awards (GLOMO) 2023 with NXTWEAR S, RayNeo also developed the innovative consumer XR wearable glasses, RayNeo Air 2, featuring top-tier, cinematic audiovisual experiences with ultimate comfort.