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RedStone Delivers Report on Ethereum-Focused LSTfi Protocols, the Most Comprehensive of its Kind

The RedStone Oracles research team unveils their detailed findings around liquid staking featuring CoinDesk Indices

BAAR, Switzerland, Nov. 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — RedStone, originator of the next-generation oracles platform for decentralized finance, today announced the release of its LSTfi and Staking Report, The Ultimate Q4 2023 Market Overview. This Ethereum-focused report is the most comprehensive of its kind, analyzing over 50 projects featuring prominent digital asset leaders including CoinDesk Indices, EigenLayer, Lido and StakeWise (expected to launch V3) among others.

“We’ve dedicated months to researching and building out this unparalleled report,” said Marcin Kaźmierczak, Co-Founder and COO of RedStone. “For the third time (and not the last one), our RedStone research team showcases the ultimate crypto sector overview, and we believe this time around the bar has been raised higher with the quotes of LSTfi projects founders and detailed insights revealed around Ethereum-focused LSTfi protocols.”

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CoinDesk Indices (CDI), a subsidiary of CoinDesk and the leading provider of digital asset indices by AUM since 2014, stands out as a crucial component of RedStone’s report. Earlier this year, CESR™, the composite ether staking rate which is administered by CoinFund and calculated and published by CoinDesk Indices, was introduced to fulfill specific needs for the marketplace. Three broad use cases for CESR are currently being adopted by market participants: benchmarking, research, and risk transfer.

Andy Baehr, Managing Director at CoinDesk Indices, added, “We are encouraged to see CESR’s adoption as a critical piece of market structure and a bridge joining the digital and traditional financial industries. RedStone’s timely and illuminating research affirms CESR’s critical role in the understanding and using Ethereum staking rewards.”

Ethereum’s conversion to Proof of Stake not only created the foundation for the liquid staking ecosystem as described in the RedStone report, but also created the LSTfi sector where RedStone as an Oracle pioneers with the versatility of LST data feeds. The Merge also delivered a native crypto rate to finance that can serve as a critical piece of market structure. CESR now delivers this in a structured way, built by firms with the experience needed for the marketplace. The staking rate that Ethereum validators generate through participation in the consensus and execution layers and by exhibiting implementation skill has immediate applicability in DeFi, centralized digital asset finance, and traditional finance.

Furthermore, RedStone will present its key report findings during Devconnect in Istanbul (November 13th to 19th), which is this year’s biggest Ethereum gathering worldwide.

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