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Smart IP Maker OPENVERSE in Apsara Conference

AI empowers “Big Science Art,” driving high-quality science education for All

HANGZHOU, China, Nov. 1, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The annual tech event, the Apsara Conference, kicked off in grand style today at Hangzhou’s Yunqi Town. This year’s conference, with the theme ‘computing, for incalculable value,’ covers three major topics: computing power, artificial intelligence, and industrial innovation, featuring two main forums and over 500 hot-topic discussions.

Openverse exhibited the Apsara Conference, showcasing the company’s AIGIS (AI generated IP Service) technology that empowers creators to build IP. They also presented the integrated service of Smart IP Maker for diversified IP development and management. Openverse’s big science-art lab, intouchable®, which focuses on incubating cutting-edge science research-based IP, gained significant attention.

Zhejiang Province governors successively visited the Openverse booth. Openverse employees enthusiastically introduced at the booth: “we are an innovative company that uses AI to assist scientists in visualizing scientific research result; we have even been featured in Nature magazine. Recently, the Wall Street Journal also conducted an interview with us.”

Jo Xu, the founder and CEO of Openverse, is a former IP lawyer. She mentioned, ‘We are involved in multiple domains, including science, fashion, and entertainment. With a mission to IP empowering creators and connecting with enthusiast communities, we aim to bridge the entire process of IP artistic re-creation and commercialization, establishing a new business model that connects creators with consumers. For example, our intouchable® ‘M87 Black Hole Model’ achieved remarkable success by selling ten thousand 3D digital collectibles within one second on the Whale Explorer platform.’ Openverse’s co-founder, Budda, also shared, “‘AI for Science! We enable scientific research result visualization, directly contributing to the broad dissemination of scientific education; we want to make the science popular!”

The founder of Openverse, Jo Xu(The first person from the left)
The founder of Openverse, Jo Xu(The first person from the left)

The Openverse exhibition has become an “internet celebrity check-in point” in Hall D of the Apsara Conference. Visitors can interact with the “3D black hole”, drawing a continuous and enthusiastic crowd.

OPENVERSE is a global intellectual property development company, also named Smart IP Maker, providing “AI generated IP Service” by cultivating cutting-edge IPs spanning across various domains.

intouchable® is OPENVERSE’s independent Big Science and Art Studio which initiated the concept of “Big Science Art”focusing on incubation of science-related IPs.

The Apsara Conference is a globally renowned technology summit organized by the Alibaba Group.