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State Grid Linyi Power Supply Company: “Golden Rooftop” Activates Rural “Green Power”

LINYI, China, Nov. 3, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Bathing in the noonday sunshine, patches of blue photovoltaic panels are sparkling brightly. The “dual carbon” goal further clarifies the green-orientation for rural revitalization and development, and new opportunity is ushered in with the rapid development of new energy, especially the photovoltaic industry. At Xinzhangzhuang Village, Xuezhuang Town, Feixian County, Shandong Province, a 30 kilowatt photovoltaic power station has been constructed, using 400 square meters of the idle space on the rooftop of the village committee office. The “golden rooftop” brings abundant “sunshine welfare” to the countryside continuously.

The Xinzhangzhuang Village Photovoltaic Project is conducted by the State Grid Shandong Electric Power Company as an assistance project of the Rural Revitalization Foundation. Previously, the villagers main source of income was crop planting, so the collective economic income was minor and insufficient, and there were very few industrial projects. The photovoltaic project endows the income of village with an increase of 20,000 yuan per year, which enables the village rural construction as well as the assistance to the disadvantaged groups.

In recent years, rooftop photovoltaic power project has been much favored due to its advantages of being green, eco-friendly, low-consumption and low-carbon. Not only have the villagers installed distributed photovoltaic power panels, but a host of enterprise rooftops have also been utilized.

Tanyi Town, known as the “Timber Town” in China, has an annual output value of 30 billion yuan, which accounts for 15% of the whole country’s timber export volume. With the transformation from traditional timber industry towards intelligence, 65 wood processing enterprises have installed rooftop photovoltaics, and the installed gross capacity of distributed photovoltaics mounts to 68000 kilowatts in this town. The annual power generation is up to nearly 100 million kilowatt-hours. The timber industry enterprises utilize the rooftop of their factory buildings to install photovoltaic power stations both for self use and offering the surplus electricity to the state grid. Every year, the 4000 kilowatt photovoltaic power board can save 4.08 million yuan in the enterprise electricity bills and reduce nearly 6,000 tons of carbon dioxide emission.

State Grid Linyi Power Supply Company takes the initiative in on-site visits and services, conducting safety inspections in rooftop photovoltaic panels and workshop distribution rooms, providing detailed explanations on the daily operation and maintenance of the photovoltaic panels, and instructing the precautions of electricity usage and operation. What’s more, reasonable energy-saving suggestion and detailed measures are proposed based on the current production situation and electricity load changes. Also, in accordance with the enterprise’s electricity demand, customized energy efficiency bills are made, and customers’ sense of acquisition are constantly enhanced as well.

State Grid Linyi Power Supply Company actively implements the concept of green development in the coordinated development of green low-carbon rural industries, benefiting the people with the “sunshine income” from the “golden roof”, helping enterprises to cut cost and increase efficiency, and adding “green power” to rural development.