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TCT Demonstrates Liquid Cooling Solutions at Supercomputing 2023 (SC23)

DENVER, Nov. 10, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Thermal Control Technology (TCT), the global provider of liquid cooling solutions, is set to unveil its groundbreaking portfolios during the Supercomputing Conferences 2023 (SC23) in Denver. This will be the first time that TCT has showcased its entire lineup of state-of-the-art products and solutions in the US. These pioneering liquid cooling solutions are poised to transform data centers by significantly enhancing efficiency, performance, and sustainability.

Efficient Liquid Cooling Solution, PUE ≤1.04 in Data Centers

TCT is working to demonstrate liquid-cooling solutions. The Liquid-Cooled Cabinet is compatible with 19″ and 21″ servers, with rack manifold adaptable for 1U/2U/4U servers, embedded 4~6 U CDU or centralized CDU, passive or active type RDHx included. As a whole, this cooling system achieves a power usage effectiveness (PUE) of less than 1.04 and reduces the total cost of Ownership (TCO). 

Cutting-Edge Cooling Technology for Different Applications

TCT will showcase CDU, quick disconnect, cold plate, 3DVC, manifold, RDHx, TTV, leakage sensor, and coolant during SC23 at booth #907, among its plate-cooled liquid cooling systems, immersion liquid cooling systems, and phase-change liquid cooling systems’ technologies and products.

By immersing servers and components in a specialized cooling medium, it eliminates the constraints of traditional air-based cooling. This results in significantly improved thermal efficiency, enabling data centers to handle high-performance workloads with ease. Furthermore, the reduced energy consumption and carbon footprint contribute to the sustainability goals of data centers.

The original intention of the development of cold plate cooling technology was to avoid direct contact between the coolant and the server. This technology focuses on the precise cooling of components. Cold plate units are tightly attached to the CPU and memory sides. The heat of the chip is transferred to the fluid(coolant) inside the plate, and the fluid is the medium that takes away the main heat of the server. TCT provides three series of coolants: FM-CU formulated coolants for copper cold plate systems, FM-AL formulated coolants for aluminum cold plates with initial conductivity generally less than 550 μ S/cm, and a universal DI series pure water coolant with an initial conductivity of less than 10 μ S/cm.

As liquid cooling steadily advances in use and sophistication, system suppliers are increasingly focusing on purpose-built liquid cooling products and components for the worldwide HPC market. One of the most commonly used critical components in liquid-cooled data centers today is the quick disconnect (QD). As a key fluid management component, these QDs have the function of disconnecting and self-sealing, enabling online server plugging and maintenance without the need to shut down the liquid cooling system. For ease of installation, the QD designed by TCT can be single hand operated. When you install, operate, and maintain hundreds of racks and thousands of servers, these seemingly inconspicuous designs will make you realize a significant decrease in workload, and the work will become easier and smoother. TCT’s QD includes OCP based UQD and UQDB series, as well as TF and TB series with its own technology platform.

Let’s meet during SC23 – The International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage, and Analysis

TCT leverages its strengths in design and thermal management, coupled with hardware and software design leadership, and has developed different solutions with comprehensive liquid cooling system to enable customers’ ease of deployment in industry applications and pursue the goal of a greener world. “In today’s rapidly growing ICT industry, efficiency and sustainability are paramount. We are a liquid cooling company that focuses on cutting-edge exploration. Our products are widely used in ICT, new energy, semiconductors, medical equipment, rail transportation industries”, said Jack HU, the General Manager of TCT. “We attend SC23 hoping to expand partners. As a global company, we plan to set up factories in Thailand and Mexico next year”. For more information about TCT, please visit

TCT Booth of SC23 Information 

Date: November 14 – 16, 2023
Location: Colorado Convention Center, 700 14th St, Denver, CO 80202
Booth No.: 907

About TCT

Thermal Control Technology (TCT), established in 2018, is headquartered in SVP Digital Valley, Dongguan, China. TCT has offices located in Shanghai, Frankfurt, and San Francisco. It is a high-tech enterprise focuses on comprehensive liquid cooling solutions and develops highly competitive, standardized products and solutions.

TCT main products include CDU, quick disconnect, cold plate, 3DVC, manifold, rear door heat exchanger, TTV, leakage detection sensor, coolant, etc. TCT also provides customization and end-to-end services for plate-cooled liquid cooling systems, immersion liquid cooling systems, and phase-change liquid cooling systems.