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UPCX Plans to Recruit Test Users for ‘UPCX Wallet’

SINGAPORE, Nov. 24, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — UPCX-Platforms PTE. LTD., a company dedicated to developing high-speed, open-source blockchain payment systems, announced plans to recruit beta testers for their “UPCX Wallet.” This new blockchain wallet aims to provide an intuitive and user-friendly experience akin to traditional mobile payment services.

One of the core features of the UPCX Wallet is its “named account” function, which allows users to create accounts as easily as creating new email addresses. This is a significant improvement over the long and meaningless account addresses used by traditional blockchain, allowing users to make transfers based on a simple, understandable unique string ID (such as a name or email address).

The UPCX Wallet offers multiple payment methods, including mobile payment, tap payment, and offline payments. Mobile payment and tap payment allow users to complete transactions via smartphones or other compatible devices, while the offline payment function enables payments without an internet connection, greatly enhancing the convenience of payments.

In addition, the UPCX Wallet also provides a message sending feature, where users can send messages via the blockchain. This innovative feature enhances interactions between users.

The beta version of the “UPCX Wallet” is planned for release in April 2024. However, UPCX hopes to find some enthusiastic supporters earlier to help experience and test this service in advance.

UPCX firmly believes that by developing a simple and easy-to-use wallet – one that is as simple to use as creating an email account, and by providing a straightforward and simple blockchain browser, more users will be able to access and use blockchain-based payments.

Through this pre-trial test, UPCX hopes to further improve the services and features of the “UPCX Wallet” to bring it closer to its official launch. Specific details and recruitment deadlines for the test will be announced later. Please follow the UPCX official website and related social media.

UPCX looks forward to active participation from numerous users to collectively promote the development of blockchain payments.

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UPCX-Platforms PTE. LTD. is a company focused on the development of blockchain payment systems, dedicated to promoting and optimizing payment and financial services. UPCX’s mission is to enable more users to enjoy the advantages of blockchain technology through simple and easy-to-use tools and services.

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