Thursday, July 25, 2024
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VCAT’s AI Video Production Technology Secures Prestigious CES 2024 Innovation Award

SAN JOSE, Calif., Nov. 16, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — In a groundbreaking achievement, VCAT.AI (hereinafter referred to as, VCAT), the cutting-edge AI service revolutionizing advertising content creation, has clinched the coveted “Innovation Award” in the AI category at CES 2024. CES, the world’s premier IT and home appliance exhibition, recognizes technologies that exemplify global trends. VCAT’s triumph at CES 2024 underscores the global acclaim for its generative AI technology. This innovative solution empowers marketers, regardless of their design background, to effortlessly produce vast quantities of short-form videos and banner images for marketing purposes within minutes.

At the core of VCAT’s innovation is its one-click automation for for producing advertising materials, boasting an impressive output of 500,000 materials in just one year. Major South Korean e-commerce platforms such as Naver, Gmarket, Lotte On, SSG, and Coupang are already leveraging VCAT’s capabilities to automatically create compelling product videos and image banners.

Jong Bom-jin, VCAT’s CEO, emphasized the transformative impact of AI on marketing materials production, asserting that AI has surpassed human productivity in this domain. “We are now dedicated to enhancing advertising performance as a marketing material and safeguarding the marketing assets of global brands.” declared Jong. L’Oreal, a prominent global beauty company, is using VCAT to maintain consistent brand messaging across advertising materials in eight different Asian languages.

Looking ahead, VCAT has ambitious plans for the second half of the year. The company aims to launch a service enabling the immediate posting of produced materials on social media platforms. Additionally, a VCAT ad operation service is in the pipeline, designed to seamlessly manage advertising across multiple media channels simultaneously. With these forthcoming services, customers can seamlessly navigate everything from material production to deploying VCAT-generated content across various marketing platforms.

About VCAT

Founded in 2019, VCAT, a member company of Global Digital Innovation Network (formerly known as Born2Global Centre), achieved a significant milestone by successfully securing a Series A funding of 8 million USD in April 2023. The platform has gained strategic adoption from enterprise-sized brands such as L’Oreal, as well as prominent e-commerce platforms like Coupang and Naver Shopping.

VCAT stands at the forefront of cutting-edge AI services, specializing in the transformation of advertising content creation. With a steadfast commitment to simplicity and efficiency, VCAT empowers marketers to effortlessly generate high-quality videos and images for marketing purposes, leveraging advanced generative AI technology. For more details, explore the innovative world of VCAT on our website []