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Viettel Named Champion of the World’s Largest Hacking Competition

HANOI, Vietnam, Nov. 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — On October 27Vietnam time zone, Team Viettel – a team of experts from Viettel Cyber Security Company (VCS) excellently won the championship at the Pwn2Own Toronto 2023 competition. This is the first time a Vietnamese cybersecurity company has taken the top spot in the world’s largest hacking competition.

Viettel Named Champion of the World’s Largest Hacking Competition
Viettel Named Champion of the World’s Largest Hacking Competition

This year, Team Viettel brought a lineup of 16 Information Security (IS) experts to Pwn2Own Toronto 2023, with 75% of them belonging to the Gen Z generation. The white-hat hackers from VCS conducted penetration testing on various target devices, including mobile phones, three types of printers, smart speakers, SOHO Smash-up (small office equipment), and network storage devices. Team Viettel achieved a perfect score in all 7 categories, totaling 30 points, significantly ahead of the second-place team with 12.75 points, making them the convincing world champions.

Pwn2Own is a prestigious and the largest hacking competition in the world, organized annually by the Zero Day Initiative since 2007, often referred to as the World Cup of cybersecurity. In 2023, there were more than 20 participating teams from 17 countries. The VCS expert team has participated in Pwn2Own six times, and they ranked fifth in their very first attempt. Winning Pwn2Own 2023 further solidifies VCS’s international reputation as a significant company in the field of information security, leaving a mark on the global cybersecurity map.

Before this achievement, VCS’s IS experts had received recognition from the international community, cybersecurity rankings, and major technology companies such as Microsoft, Bugcrowd, Google, and more. Up to this point, VCS has discovered over 400 Zero-day security vulnerabilities in major IT platforms and systems such as Microsoft, Oracle, Google, Apache, VMWare, contributing to the reduction of cyberattacks and the enhancement of global cybersecurity knowledge.

About Pwn20wn:

Regarding Pwn2Own, this year’s event featured eight different categories for participants, including Mobile Phones, Home Automation Hubs, Smart Speakers, Printers, Surveillance Systems, Network Attached Storage – NAS, Google Devices, and Small Office/Home Office (SOHO) Smash-up, with over 1 million USD in prize money.

About Viettel Cyber Security:

Viettel Cyber Security is a subsidiary of Viettel Group and is responsible for in-depth research, development, and consulting on cybersecurity solutions. Viettel Cyber Security is a leading partner in Vietnam in ensuring information security for critical national infrastructure and a variety of organizations and businesses, spanning diverse sectors such as banking, energy, electricity, oil and gas.

The company provides an ecosystem of diverse products and services with the most advanced technology, offering flexible deployment options. This includes 24/7 information security monitoring and incident response services (SOC), information security assessment and testing services (Pentest), cybersecurity solutions such as VCS-Threat Intelligence (cybersecurity knowledge update solution), VCS-aJiant (anomaly monitoring solution on workstations), VCS-F2DR (financial fraud detection and response solution), and VCS-CyCir (network security coordination, automation, and response solution).